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Sunday, January 11, 2009

OK! This Blog Is Not For Everybody!


As I have mentioned previously a few times before, this is NOT just merely another Size Acceptance web site, such as Size Wise, or NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

No! This blog goes way beyond mere Size Acceptance to absolutely Loving Obesity!

This is not even just another Gainer/Encourager or Feeder/Feedee web site that simply endorses Feederism.

No, this Blog goes even way way way beyond that!

I don't care if you're straight or Gay, or if your Macho or a sissified wimp. All who are into gaining or encouraging someone to gain, all are welcome here.

But know this!

Some of us embrace fetishes that you may or may not see on the other Gainer/Encourager or Feeder/Feedee web sites, and some of you might be offend by the fetishes we embrace on this Blog.

We acknowledge, and we and proudly proclaim, that we are lazy gluttons! We don't care how ridiculous we might look. We just love being, not just fat, but super super obese, and we desire to become even more obese, setting no upper limit!

We are super obese men who happily acknowledge that we are the weaker sex, and that all women, especially obese women are the stronger sex.

We are super obese men who wish to take on a more effeminate or even infantile appearance through our ever increasing obesity.

We are super obese men who are proud to be sissified, timid, and docile wimps! We believe that women, especially obese women should be the boss in the home.

Most obese men tend to be apple-shaped, having mostly upper-body fat, while some obese men are more pear-shaped, having more more lower-body fat.

Those of us who are more pear-shaped, we tend to take on a somewhat effeminate appearance, or even a more infantile appearance with increasing obesity, which is what we happily embrace.

Obese men who are apple-shaped tend to be broad in the shoulders and chest, having a huge round upper-belly above the belt causing their pants to slide halfway down on their butts, love-handles that are wider than their hips, small butts, narrow hips, and thinner legs.

Apple-shaped men who are super super obese can not find shirts that are large enough to cover their huge round bellies and they can't keep their pants from falling halfway down on their butts, so they usually go around in public, showing off their bellybuttons and butt-cracks.

Therefore, apple-shaped obese men should step down, let their wives rule the home and let their wives "wear the pants" in the family, because apple-shaped obese men can't keep their own pants from falling down!

But, we obese men who happen to be more pear-shaped with big round lower bellies below the belt, broad round hips, big fat butts, and short fat thighs, because we look more effeminate, we should also step down and let our wives rule the home, and "wear the pants" in the family while we pear-shaped obese men should sit round the house wearing only pink ruffled panties! That is because we are timid, gentile and docile, sissified obese little wimps!

And we are perfectly happy with that arrangement, happily acknowledging that women are the stronger sex, while we super obese men are the weaker sex.

That is what this blog is all about!

We lend emotional support to super super obese men who are happy little wimps!

In the meantime, please do scroll all the way down this web page to view my Fat Art Gallery.

Thank you.


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