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Saturday, February 7, 2009



Would you much rather be buried in
an over-sized casket or in a shoe box?

There are far worse ways to die, than from gluttony and obesity. One way to die is from starvation or anorexia. There are also many other ways to die, some of them not so pleasant, and ways that are either extremely painful, or even violent. Most of us hope to die of old age, after living a good long life, to die peacefully in bed. To die of old age is, of course, much better than dying in a car accident, or in a house fire, or a plane crash, or being the victim of a violent crime. We prefer to die in ways that are the least painful.

But what if you had only two choices on how you were going to die? What if those two choices were to either die of anorexia, starving to death, or over-eating, to eventually die from your gluttony and obesity? Which would you chose, if those were the only these two choices?

I would choose to die from gluttony and massive obesity, because it's a lot more fun getting there! Yes, going out from a heart attack might be rather painful, but still, not as painful as say, dying in a house fire or a car crash, and it's a lot more fun than starving to death.

Also, we big fat greedy gluttons live much longer than anorexics. We may not live as long as average sized people but we do live longer than anorexics. A person can go up to 6 weeks without food, but no more than 3 or 4 days without water, and no more than 5 minutes without air. An enormously obese person can go more than 6 weeks without food, because we have more fat stored away on our bodies, so it would take an extremely obese person much longer to die from starvation. The agony of hunger and starving would be more prolonged, and take longer.

But most people would die after more than 6 weeks without food. Now some political prisoners have gone on hunger strikes for much longer. I believe the record was over 70 days. Anorexics have been known to starve themselves over a period of several years, but of course, they don't go totally without food. They do eat occasionally, which helps to prolong their years on their semi-starvation diets. But most anorexics die during their teen age years or in their 20s and very few anorexics live longer than that. There are some anorexics who are in their 30s and 4os but then, their eating disorder had started later in life. So, whatever age you happen to be when you started an anorexic life-style, you would be damn lucky if you lasted more the 5 years or so. Starving yourself will kill you much faster than gluttony and obesity.

A happy obese glutton may indulge in his gluttonous life-style for 20 or 30 years, or even another 40 years or so before it finally catches up with him. Also, the younger you are when you embark on the path of greedy gluttony, the earlier in life you'll go out. So, an enormously obese person who started his/her gluttonous life-style while in his/her teens might not live beyond his 30s or 40s while someone who started eating like a glutton in his 30s might live into his 50s or even his 60s before going out.

So, it does take many years before your gluttony finally takes you out. But if you chose to go down the path of Anorexia, then you probably won't last another 5 years or so, so it's better to follow the path of gluttony, which will give you a lot more years to enjoy your food.

Also, gluttony is lot more fun! You get to eat all your favorite foods that you enjoy so much, and that's really fun, especially if you love being obese and becoming fatter and fatter over the years. Gluttony makes you grow really HUGE! It feels good to have a full belly, and it makes you feel happy and contented, and you get really sleepy after eating a great big meal.

Anorexia is no fun at all. It really sucks! You feel hungry all the time, and you feel cold, even on warm days you feel like shivering, and it's a very uncomfortable way to live, and a painful way to die. When you're starving, you will feel too weak to get up out of your bed and to do much of anything else.

Of course, when you're an enormously obese glutton, you will also feel too weak to get up from your bed, but that is because you have become too fat to get up and move around, But it feels a Hell of a lot more comfortable than feeling too weak from starvation. When you're a big fat glutton, you feel lazy, and your body feels so nice and soft.

Gluttony can also a painful way to die, especially when you have your final heart attack, and your heart explodes in your chest. But the agony is not as prolonged as the pain of starvation for anorexics. When you have a massive heart attack, you go out much faster, so it is still a much better way to die than starving to death.

Also, when you die from gluttony, and especially from super super obesity, you will go out in a really big way. Your friends, relatives and neighbors will long remember you, and the funeral after you had been buried in a huge over-sized casket. There is a company that specializes in making super-size coffins for us really huge obese gluttons when our time finally comes.

The company is named Goliath Caskets, and here is an example of one of their over-sized caskets made for us super fatties.

Check out the video below. It is all about this Great Obesity Epidemic that is presently sweeping across the nation, and how the makers of Goliath Caskets will be able to accommodate us when our time finally comes.

We happy obese gluttons should all want to go out in a big way. A life of gluttony and ever increasing obesity is the happiest life-style there is. Anorexia in not natural. We humans are the only living creatures on this planet to deliberately starve ourselves to lose weight, and some even go to the extremes becoming anorexic. This phenomena does not occur among all other livig creatures. Their natural instinct drives them to search for food, and to fatten up in order to survive through times when food is scarce.

So, we gluttons are only following our natural instincts. Gluttony is natural. Every living creatures loves to eat, so it's perfectly natural for us to be gluttons. The so-called medical "experts" today are all saying that over-eating is a symptom of some kind of mental illness, and of course, they also say the same thing about anorexia, that it is an eating disorder, and a form of mental illness.

But we gluttons are perfectly sane. We love to eat, and we are perfectly happy and contented, and we love growing bigger and bigger. In nature, growth is natural. Nothing get's smaller. No, all livig things grow bigger, and that should include us humans. Therefore, we gluttons are perfectly sane, because we do what is natural for us, to eat and grow bigger.

The next pictures below depicts how every gluttons truly want's to go out! To go out in a really big way! To live big, to eat big, and to die big!

Please click on image above to see
a much larger easier to read view.

This greedy morbidly obese little glutton was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 2,850 pounds! He was born September 30, 1981 and he died of a massive heart attack on December 27, 2006 just two days past Christmas. He was only 25 years old. But he died happy, because he died of gluttony and super super morbid obesity. On the day he died, he ate a 34 pound turkey with stuffing, a 25 pound ham, 15 pounds of bacon, 10 dozen fried eggs, 3 dozen hamburgers with cheese, 12 pepperoni pizzas, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes with gravy, 10 pounds of yams or sweet potatoes all covered with 5 pounds of butter, a dozen cans of cranberry sauce, a dozen pecan pies, a dozen pumpkin pies, a dozen apple pies, a dozen blueberry pies, a dozen coconut cream pies, 10 gallons of ice cream, drank 5 gallons of eggnog milk, a dozen chocolate cakes, 10 pounds of strawberries with homemade whipped cream, and he washed it all down with 3 cases of dark beer! Then he got up from his living-room couch to get some more beer from his fridge, and on his way back into the living-room he died from a sudden massive heart attack.

The next two pictures below is of his younger brother who was 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 3,780 pounds! He was born October 5, 1983 and he also died from a sudden massive heart attack while at a public beach on July 15, 2003 at the age of 19 years!

Please click on image above to see
a much larger easier to read view.

He was walking along the beach, his great big belly hanging down over a bright yellow pair of shorts with red polka-dots, and his shorts slid about halfway down on his ass, showing off his butt-crack, and he was taunted by some younger kid about 11 years old who said to him "WOW! That sure is one really great big "pant-dropping-heart-stopper" that you're carrying around in front of you.

When the kid referred to his huge round belly as a "heart-stopper" his words turned out to be prophetic because during the conversation, he had sharp stabbing pains in his chest and he was gasping for air as he collapsed from a massive heart attack, right there on the beach!

Please click on image above to see
a much larger easier to read view.

As he lay there helplessly on his back, gasping for his last breaths of air, the kid continued to taunt him with some more cruel remarks, saying that his great big heart-stopper is finally doing it's job, and that is, that it was stopping his heart! The kid continued to taunt him some more, asking him if he was still hungry and if the would like some big greasy hamburgers with some greasy fries. Oddly enough, even though he was dying from an extremely painful heart attack, and his lungs starving for air, his belly was still grumbling with severe hunger pangs! Even after his heart suddenly stopped, he gasped for one last breath of air and his last words were "YES! I'M STILL HUNGRY!" and then he slipped into unconsciousness, and died on the beach under the hot summer sun.

He went out, just like a true greedy obese glutton! Even though he had sharp stabbing pains in his chest and both arms, and was gasping for his last breaths of air, his belly still felt great hunger, and even though he could no longer breath, he still wanted food!

Now that is the way every greedy and happy morbidly obese glutton should go out!

Every super massively obese glutton loves to live big, eating big meals, wearing big clothes, sitting on big furniture, sleeping on a big bed, and eventually dying of a big heart attack! And of course, if you do manage to set a new world's record, and become as enormously obese like the dying glutton as depicted in the above cartoon, and after you finally go out, then even Goliath Caskets will have to build something much larger than all of their previous designs as in the next picture below.

Here is a special casket that is about 7 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. You will have to be buried about 14 feet deep instead of the standard 6 feet. Also, your casket will have to be carried to the burial plot on a flat-bed truck, and a Hydraulic crane will be needed to lower you into the ground. But isn't that much better than dying of anorexia and being buried in a shoe box?

This is how every glutton truly wants to go out. You're sitting on your living-room couch watching TV as usual, and your coffee table is loaded with all kinds of food. Then you struggle to rise up on your feet to go into the kitchen to get some more beer from your fridge. It's very hard for you to walk because your huge round belly comes down to your knees when standing up. Your love-handles hang down over your hips, and your shorts are about half-way down on your ass, showing off your butt-crack, and your shirt does not completely cover your belly and you're showing off your bellybutton. You are a real slob! It's a real struggle to walk into the kitchen because of your huge belly hanging down over your short fat thighs and down to your knees.

You walk back to the living room with another 12 pack of beer, huffing and puffing, breathing heavily, and breaking out in a sweat as usual, beads of perspiration breaking out on your plump round face. Then, all of a sudden your chest feels tight and you find it very difficult to breath. Your heart starts pounding like a sledge-hammer in your chest, faster and faster, sharp stabbing pains with every heart beat. The sharp stabbing pains travel down your arms. You begin to feel a crushing sensation in your chest, like a tremendous weight pressing down on your chest, and you feel a crushing sensation around your heart as you have to struggle for every breath.

Then you fall forward on your huge round belly, and roll over on your back, the weight of your huge massive belly squeezing the wind out of you. And then, one last stabbing pain in your heart as your heart comes to a sudden stop, and literally explodes inside your chest. And finally, you slip away into unconsciousness, and then, all is peaceful and quiet. As you lay there on your back, your huge belly rises almost up to the ceiling! You have died the happy obese glutton's death.

But it's better to die a glutton's death than to die from anorexia. Nobody remembers an anorexic after he or she dies, and having been buried in a shoe box.

Ah! But when you die the glutton's death, you will go out in a really big way! When your family calls for the ambulance they won't be able to get your huge massive body out through the door. They will have to break down a wall to get you out. It will take at least a dozen big strong men to get your huge body up onto an over-sized gurney, and as you lay there on the gurney, your huge round belly towers high above their heads! Then they discover that your body is even too big to fit into a Bariatric Ambulance! See picture below.

Please click on image above to see
a much larger easier to read view.

So now, they have to put you on a flatbed truck to take you to the morgue. As your huge massive body is being taken out of your house, your neighbors will look on in wonder as to how you become so big. They may even need to break down one of the walls of the morgue to get your huge body inside. Then your family and relatives will have to order a special built coffin from Goliath Caskets. Your casket will have to be loaded on a large flatbed truck, and lowered into the ground with a hydraulic crane.

Everybody will remember your funeral for a long time to come. For years your friends and neighbors will talk about the day you passed on and how it was a struggle to remove your massive body from your home.

People will remember you're funneral for many years afterward.


You are now having a fun life, eating all of your favorite foods, and eating as much as you please, and getting as enormously obese as you please. Your life of gluttony and super super massive obesity was a life of pleasure and fun! Shouldn't your eventual death also be fun?

Gluttony and super massive obesity puts the FUN in FUNneral!


Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



What's the good news you ask?

Is it about something that will restore your hair?

The answer is a resounding NO!!! Forget that!!!

Most hair restore products don't work, at least not for all men who are going bald or have gone bald on top of their heads.

So then, what is the good news?

The good news is this . . . . .

That if you happen to be a greedy happy glutton who really loves to eat, then male-pattern baldness is the best thing that can ever happen to you! It can be your key to perfect happiness and joyful bliss.

Here is a video that celebrates being fat and bald.

It is titled The Fat And Bald Song.

Anyway, being bald-headed can set you free from many so-called responsibilities, and you will no longer feel the need to account to anybody else for your life-style choices.

For example:

Have you ever had some young lady tell you, that you would look so much better, if only you would lose some weight? Have You ever been told, that she would even go out with you on a date after you have slimmed down?

And then . . . . . . .

After having lost a lot of weight, and working out at the gym, building up muscles and getting your body all toned up, and feeling that you look really fantastic, and finally, you ask this young lady if she would still like to go out on a date with you, and she says, "Well, your body does look a Hell of a lot better. In fact, it looks absolutely fantastic! But NO! I still won't go out with you, because you're head is bald and ugly, and I won't go out with any man with an ugly bald head! Not even if he has a good looking body. Sorry!" and then, she walks away, telling you to never call her again.

Now, isn't that nice?


First she tells you, that you would look much better if you weren't so fat, and then after losing all that weight, slimming down and working out, she then tells you that you're still too ugly because you're bald!

Now, that's real nice! Isn't it?

Yeah, we know, life is unfair, but the fact remains, that most people, both men and women, think that we bald-headed men are ugly! There have even been some cases where some women have actually divorced their husbands, just simply because they have gone bald. Of course, both men and women have divorced their spouses for being too fat, so sometimes we men can be just as guilty of being shallow and vane.

OK, to be fair, not all women are so shallow and vane. There are some women who think that bald men are handsome and good looking, and even more sexy. There are such "sex symbols "as Yule Brenner, and Patric Steward who plays Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek The Next Generation. And of course in this future time, the 24th century, as depicted in the Star Trek series, people in the future will probably not be as vane and shallow as so many people are today. We can only hope that in the future, the human race will have outgrown its peddy prejudices.

So, there are some women who do think that bald-headed men are good looking and even sexy. But, unfortunately, such women are few and far between. The majority of women, and even most men, still think that bald-headed guys are ugly.

So, what are you going to do?

Well then, many people also think that you're ugly because you're too fat as well as there are many people will think you're ugly because you're bald.

You can always lose some weight, and if you're not bald-headed, then most people will think that you look a Hell of a lot better. They won't think you're ugly anymore. But if you're fat AND bald, then forget it!!! Even after losing a lot of weight, most people will still think you're ugly because of your bald head!

Yeah, you can always try to lose some weight, But if you also happen to be bald, then there is nothing you can do about that! So, why even bother to go on a diet and work out at a gym to lose weight? It really makes no difference whether you lose weight or not. If you're bald, then you'll be fat, bald, and ugly, and if you manage to get thin, then you'll be skinny, bald, and ugly! Therefore, it's really not worth the effort, and the struggle to lose weight, because fat or thin, you'll still be ugly, because you're bald, and there is nothing you can do to change that!

You can lose weight, but you can't grow back the hair you have lost after you have gone bald. So, if you're bald and ugly, then why even bother to go on some awful diet? Why put yourself through a lot of suffering, being hungry all the time from constant hunger? Especially if you love to eat!!!

And so . . . . .

Which is better?

To be thin, bald, and ugly, and suffer constant hunger after losing a lot of weight, or to be fat, bald, and ugly, and eat as much as you like and have a comfortably full belly?

Well, since I love to eat, and I can't stand being hungry all the time, then the answer is really quite simple.

If given a choice between being thin, bald, and ugly, and always feeling hungry, then, I would much rather be fat, bald, and ugly! If you get thin, bald and ugly, you will feel hungry all the time, and no lady will want to go out on a date with you because you're still ugly with that bald head of yours.

But if you're fat, bald and ugly, then don't even bother to do on a diet, or work out at a gym. Just go ahead and eat as much as you please, and just kick back and relax, and stay fat, and keep on growing fatter. So, if you're already ugly because of your bald head, then you might as well just go ahead and eat as much as you like, and just grow bigger, fatter, and uglier!

So now, you have a damn good excuse for being fat!

You're ugly because you're bald, so just go ahead and eat as much as you please, and get as big and fat as you please, and just kick back and relax, and enjoy your food, and enjoy your life!

You have been set free! Free at last! So, enjoy your new found freedom!

I am also bald and ugly, and I'm also fat! So, I'm fat, bald, and ugly! Therefore, I'm going to eat as much as I like and get as fat as I please, because no matter how much weight I may lose I will still be ugly because I'm bald. So, I would much rather be fat, bald, and ugly, instead of being thin, bald, and ugly! Since I'm bald, I know that I will always be ugly, fat or thin, I'll always be ugly because of my bald head!

Actually, I'm really very happy and glad that I'm bald and ugly! It has given me far more freedom. It has set me free! I don't have to go on a diet, and be unhappy and miserable trying to starve myself to stay thin, because I know that I'll still be ugly after losing weight since I have an ugly bald head.

And so, because I'm bald and ugly, I've been set free to eat as much as I like and to get
as fat as I please! And, since I'm already bald and ugly, then I may as well just go ahead and eat as much as I like to get even fatter than I am now! So, I'll just get bigger and fatter, and uglier to go along with my already ugly bald head!

Being bald and ugly gives you more freedom to eat as much as you like and grow fatter and fatter! Therefore, we bald-headed ugly people don't have to go on diets to lose weight., because we're free to eat as much as we like, and get as fat as we please.


Ah! I just love being fat, bald, and ugly!

Please click on this picture for a much
larger view that is a lot easier to read.

So, in conclusion . . . . .

If you happen to be bald and ugly, like me, then go ahead and add being fat, to being bald and ugly, and become FAT, bald and ugly instead of being just plane bald and ugly.


As long as your bald and ugly, then you do not need to go on a diet. You don't need to lose weight. If you're bald and ugly, it's OK to be a glutton and eat as much as you like. It's OK to be fat, and to keep on growing fatter and fatter.

Since you're already ugly because of your bald head, than it doesn't matter if getting bigger and fatter makes you even more ugly. You have a perfect excuse for not losing weight, and growing fatter and fatter every day.


We men who are bald and ugly, we have more freedom than good-looking people, and those of us guys who are FAT, bald, and ugly, we have even more freedom! We are free from all obligations and responsibilities, because it's harder for us fat, bald, and ugly men to get decent jobs. Men have been passed over for job promotions just for being bald while the promotion goes to some good looking guy with a full head of hair.

So, we don't owe society a damn thing! We don't have to do jack-shit! Because we can't get hired for decent jobs, and because we get passed over for promotions, then we might as well go on disability, and collect that check, and just stay home and watch TV, drink beer, and eat and sleep and grow fatter and fatter!

That is our right! Because we are FAT, bald,and UGLY!!!

And so, being bald and ugly gives you a license to eat as much as you please, to become . . . . .



******* FTW!!! *******


Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!