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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Big Fat Art Gallery


Please click on the image above to see a
much larger view that is easier to read.

I have always been fascinated by how we fat people come in so many different shapes and sizes. some fat people are pear-shaped, having broad hips, big fat butts, and great big thunder-thighs. It's mostly women who tend to be pear-shaped, but there are also some pear-shaped men.

But most fat men tend to be apple-shaped, having fat arms, great big man-boobs, or "moobs" a great big round belly hanging down over the waistband of the pants, love-handles that are wider than the hips, a small butt, and thinner legs.

Then, most fat people are "proportional" with the body fat being more evenly distributed all over. so we fat people come in a wide variety od different shapes.

Being apple-shaped place one at a much higher risk of having Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, while being pear-shaped places one at a much lower risk of having any obesity related diseases. Of course, pear-shape fat people are not totally immune, but they are at a much lower risk.

Fat people who are pear-shaped live much longer than fat people who are apple-shaped, and in my drawing above, you can see that most of the super apple-shaped men had passed on at a much younger age, while all the pear-shaped men are still living, as depicted in my cartoon drawing, hence the terms, Apple-Boys and Pear-Men!

I'm in the process of adding more and more of my fat drawings to my Art Gallery which you can see as you scroll down this web page.

Please do keep coming back, because I will continue to add more and more of my cartoon drawings and/or photos to my ever growing Art Gallery.

It covers various themes or different aspects of obesity, and the pleasurable and erotic aspects thereof, as well as the health issues and some of the more humiliating aspects which I still find to be pleasurable and erotic.

First part of the exhibit on my gallery is of the heaviest man and woman on record, and also what I hope to achieve for myself, as depicted in some cartoon drawings that I have made from one of my own photos of myself.

The next part is some drawings I have created of the Perfect Apple-Shaped and the Perfect Pear-Shaped super super obese bodies.

Then my exhibits go on to show the advantages and disadvantages of being either apple-shaped or pear-shaped, how being apple-shaped is more dangerous to one's health, but also how it's more fun to be apple-shaped despite the health dangers. Most obese women tend to be pear-shaped, and some obese men are also pear-shaped, but most obese men are apple-shaped. The apple-shape super super obese male can't find shirts big enough to cover his belly, and he is also unable to keep his pants from falling halfway down on his ass, so he goes around out in public showing off his bellybutton and butt-crack and mooning the world around him! Therefore, the apple-shaped obese male has more fun even though it's more dangerous to his health than being pear-shaped.

Then my exhibits goes on to show many more cartoon drawing that are perfect examples of how much fun it is to be an apple-shaped super super obese male as well as the health risks involved. But the happy glutton is perfectly willing to take his chances.

As you continue to scroll down, you see more examples of apple-shaped and pear-shaped obese men, which I call, Apple-Boys and Pear-Men, the designations I use since apple-shaped obese men do not live as long as pear-shaped obese men, hence the terms, Apple-Boys and Pear-Men.

Then my Art Gallery takes a side trip showing how pear-shaped obese women are superior to apple-shaped obese men, how apple-shape obese men should step down and let their pear-shaped obese wives rule the home and "wear the pants" in the family since apple-shaped obese men can't keep their own pants from falling down. Also, obese men who are pear-shaped should also let let their wives rule them since we obese men look kind of effeminate, or even infantile, compared to apple-shaped obese men.

And then, my exhibits goes on to show how super super obese gluttons have the right attitude, since they don't care how ridiculous they might look. All we care about is how much food we can eat, and how much bigger and fatter we can become. For us, size is all that matters.

As I have mentioned earlier, I shall continue to add more and more exhibits to my ever growing Big Fat Art Gallery.

Please do keep coming back!

Thank you!

Teddy Bear


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Anonymous said...

Hey fatass, you don't seem to be very well hidden on the internet, or, you don't seem to have the popularity that you thought you would have. I would stop this and the other "website" if you would call it that, they both fail at what they try to do and so do you. Because of you me and four other people have decided to stop posting or going to Bellybuilders. You ruined it for us. You fat fuck. You are ruining everything the gaining community has given me. if anyone likes you, or even admires you then they, like you, have problems in the head. And I don't want to hear about your god damn car crash when you were fucking four! you FAT FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Bear said...

So, Mr. Anonymous, you speak for 4 others at BellyBuilders, Eh?

Just who are they, and why are they too cowardly to come over here and speak for themselves?

You wouldn't by chance happen to be Redvein now, would you?

If so, then you're just pissed off because you have been banned from BellyBuilders after I reported a threatening E-mail that you had sent me.

I know you don't like my drawings and that you think they suck. Big fucking deal!

I also know that you're not the only one, but usually they only mention it once or twice and then move on.

But unlike them, you seem to have an obsessive compulsive disorder, and you have keep telling me a thousand ways from Sunday how much you think my artwork sucks, and if that is not enough, you even send me a threatening E-mail saying that you would like to break into my home and steal my art equipment and my computer, and that you hope that somebody smashes my hands with a sledgehammer.

I'm assuming that you're Redvein from BellyBuilders, of course. But if not, then you tell that sniveling coward that I'm trying to find out his real name and to get a legal restraining order against him in case he comes into my hometown.

But if you are Redevin, and since this is my blog, then I can go ahead and tell you to go eat shit and die!

And if I get any more threatening E-mails from you, then I will see to it that you are permanently banned form BellyBuilders!

You got that? JIMBO!!!

Anonymous said...

This is not RedVein, but he would have been the fifth person that would have left if it wasn't for words of return he got from some people at BB. We were kind of disapointed he didn't leave with us, but with him there at least he can tell us the shit you are up too. And also good luck finding his name. All you have is his alias and that changes every time he opens an account on forums, so There is only one 3 places that name is used. BB, and two art sites. Good luck on your search Gearld.

Teddy Bear said...

Anonymous said...

"This is not RedVein, but he would have been the fifth person that would have left if it wasn't for words of return he got from some people at BB. We were kind of disapointed he didn't leave with us, but with him there at least he can tell us the shit you are up too."

I take it that your referring to my drawings or some of my posts.

Well, I guess, that from now on before I post anything at BellyBuilders, I will add a disclaimer warning that an opinion is about to be expressed and that it may differ from yours.

Also, if people leave BellyBuilderd because they don't like my drawings, than that's their problem, and not mine.

RedVein wanted to have me banned just simply because he thinks my drawings suck.

He's the one with a problem, and not me! Some people happen to like my drawings, and some don't.

No big fucking deal!

So, RedVein hates my artwork! What am I suppose to do? Fall in my big fat ass?

I don't think so.

That's the whole problem with you, RedVein, and anyone of your younger Sarah Palin Generation. If you don't like something, you want to have it banned! Never mind that somebody else might like something, you and your ilk would like to have it banned because you don't like it.

Well, sorry to inform you, Jimbo, but the world is not going to fall on it's collective ass just to accommodate punks like you, and I'm not going to fall on my fat ass to accommodate you either.

You say I ruined it for you and some of your friends.

Fuck you! I didn't ruin anything! I merely expressed my opinions on the forums like everybody else, and posted my drawings like anybody else.

If you don't like my opinions, or my drawings, then that's your problem, and not mine.

Like, you expect me to be so fucking sorry because anything I say or do does not meet with your approval.

Like, who in the fucking Hell died and made you God?

Now, since this is my blog, I won't censor anything that you or any of you punks say here (except to delete SPAM) because I will allow all opinions to stand, whether I agree with them or not.

But know this!

Because this is my blog, I am free to tell you to go eat shit and die!