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Monday, December 21, 2009





First let us discuss

We have all have heard about the three basic body types, Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs. I have always been fascinated by how we humans come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes from tall and thin to short and fat, or tall and fat, to short and thin and everything in between. And so, we have the three basic body types, Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs.

Here are some definitions that one can look up in the dictionary.


en·do·morph [en-doe-mawrf]

1.a mineral enclosed within another mineral. Compare perimorph.
2.a person of the endomorphic type. [Origin: 1880–85; endo + morph]

1. A mineral enclosed within another mineral, such as rutile or tourmaline in quartz.
2. An individual characterized by relative prominence of the abdomen and other soft
body parts developed from the embryonic endodermal layer.

[endo(derm) + -morph.]

1940 As one of W.H. Sheldon's three types of human bodies, from endo- + Gk. morph "form"

A heavy person with a soft and rounded body

En"do*morph\, n. [Endo- + Gr. form.] (Min.) A crystal of one species inclosed within one of another, as one of rutile inclosed in quartz. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


mes·o·morph [mez-uh-mawrf]

A person of the mesomorphic type. [Origin: 1935–40; meso- + -morph]


An individual with a robust, muscular body build caused by the predominance of structures developed from the embryonic mesodermal layer.


A person with a well-developed muscular body.

ec·to·morph [ek-tuh-mawrf]

A person of the ectomorphic type. [Origin: 1935–40; ecto- + -morph]


An individual having a lean, slightly muscular body build in which tissues derived from the embryonic ectoderm predominate. [ecto(derm) + -morph.]


A person with a thin body


Basically, Ectomorphs are long and slender, Mesomorphs are strong and athletic, and we Endomorphs are plump, soft and round, but there are also other distinctions among the three basic body types in how the length of the limbs are proportioned to the torso length or height.

Mesomorphs have the "standard" body proportions in how the length of the limbs are proportioned to the torso length. The Mesomorph is considered the "ideal" body type that is usually depicted in human anatomy charts.

For example Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 ~ 1519) did extensive studies of the human anatomy and we have all seen his classic drawings of the human body as in following example as depicted in the picture below.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

This represents the standard body proportions, which is basically the Mesomorphic body type. I don't know if Leonardo Da Vinci ever did any studies of the Endomorphic or Ectomorphic body types, so the Mesomorph is used as the "gold standard" for studies in human anatomy.

But if I had been Leonardo Da Vinci, I would have also created some drawings and diagrams of both the
Ectomorphic and the Endomorphic human body types. Of course, I would naturally have focused most of my studies mainly on the Endomorphic body type as depicted in the picture below.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

Proportions of the Human Body

People come in all shapes and sizes. But here are some general rules about proportion that you can follow:

1.) The average adult is 7 and a half heads tall, males usually 8 and females 7 heads tall, but the average comes out to about 7 and a half for human body proportions.

2.) Shoulders are three heads wide.

3.) Hips are half way between your head and your toes

4.) Your arms straight out to your sides is equal to your height

5.) With your arms down at your sides your finger tips are about halfway between your hips and your knees.

Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings of the human body emphasized its proportion. The ratio of the following distances is the Golden Ratio:

(foot to navel) : (navel to head) = Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio (or "Golden Section") is based on Fibonacci Numbers, where every number in the sequence (after the second) is the sum of the previous 2 numbers.

1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13, 8+13=21, 13+21=34, 21+34=55, 34+55=89 . . . . .

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 . . . . .

We can see (below) how the Fibonacci Numbers lead to the Golden Ratio: Φ = 1.618033 . . . . .

Let's look at the ratio of each number in the Fibonacci sequence to the one before it:

1/1 = 1
2/1 = 2
3/2 = 1.5
5/3 = 1.666 . . .
8/5 = 1.6
13/8 = 1.625
21/13 = 1.61538 . . .
34/21 = 1.61905 . . .
55/34 = 1.61764 . . .
89/55 = 1.61861 . . .

If we keep on going, then we produce a rather interesting number which mathematicians call "phi" (Golden Ratio or Golden Section): Φ = 1.6180339887 . . .

The further along the Fibonacci series of numbers, the closer you get to Phi (Φ) but never quit reaching it. This ratio was used by architects and artists throughout history to produce objects of great beauty (like Michelangelo's "David" and the Greek temples.)

Phi (Φ) is like pi (π) in the sense that it is an irrational number. There is no equivalent fraction for Φ and its decimal keeps going and never stops, just as pi (π) is approximately 22/7 but not exactly, because 22/7 is 3.142857142857 . . . while pi (π) = 3.141592653589 . . . Both Phi (Φ) and pi (π) are irrational numbers, or what is also known as transcendental numbers. The Golden Ratio also occurs in nature, in the patterns we see in sunflowers, pine cones, and so on. This is largely because one of the best ways to efficiently pack things tightly together is using the Fibonacci sequence.

And so, the Mesomorphic body type is used as the "standard" in all anatomy charts because it is considered the "ideal" body type. Of course, fashions do change from time to time, and in past centuries the ideal female was nice and plump, more Endomorphic, but in this so-called "modern enlightened" society, the thin Ectomorphic female is held up as the ideal body type for women. This image is being shoved down our throats by the media, Hollywood, and the fashion industry. But if the truth be known, most men today still prefer women with soft round curves, even if not necessarily plump but at least somewhere between the two extremes of being too thin or too fat.

Let's face it! Most guys don't care for women who look like soda straws, or for the "Waif Look" as the fashion industry keeps pawning off on us. But there are also still some men who prefer women who are chubby and plump, and I happen to be one of them myself. Naturally the Mesomorphic body type is still considered the "ideal" for males as depicted by images of male body builders.

While the Mesomorphic body type may be considered the "gold standard" when it come to publishing textbooks on human anatomy, the truth is that not all human bodies conform to what is considered to be the "standardize" body proportions. We have all seen some people who's arms and legs are short in proportion to their height with larger bodies and shorter limbs, and some people who's arms and legs are long in proportion to their height with smaller bodies and somewhat longer limbs, and with some people the waist is up a little higher and with some people the waist is down a little lower.

Therefore, in those cases, the ratio of [(foot to navel) : (navel to head)] will not necessarily be equal to the Golden Ratio.

In the case of Ectomorphs, the ratio of [(foot to navel) : (navel to head)] will be greater than the Golden Ratio.

And in the case of Endomorphs the ratio of [(foot to navel) : (navel to head)] will be less than the Golden Ratio.

As mentioned before, in the diagram by Leonardo Da Vinci, the h
ips are half way between your head and your toes, your arms straight out to your sides is equal to your height, and with your arms down at your sides your finger tips are about halfway between your hips and your knees.

But with Ectomorphs, having smaller bodies and longer limbs, then the length of the arms extended straight out to the sides is a little bit more than the height, and the hips are slightly higher due the the longer legs.

And with Endomorphs, having larger bodies and shorter limbs, the length of the out-stretched arms straight out to the sides is somewhat less than the height, and the hips are slightly lower due to the shorter legs.

Standardized Body Proportions For Males And Females
By Height Based On United States Army Data

To get an idea of how your own body proportions measure up, you can go to this web site at:

There you enter your height in either inches or centimeters, then it tells you how long your torso length from shoulder to crotch would usually be for someone of your height, and also your crotch height, or the length of your legs, and other body proportions.

For example:

I'm 5 ft 6 in or 66 inches tall, and according to the "standardized" body proportions, my torso length from shoulder to crotch should be about 22.70 inches for males and 23.23 for females, or approximately 23 inches for either sex. My crotch height should be about 31.81 for males and 30.69 for females or else approximately 32 inches for males and 31 inches for females.

For example:

Males - Height 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches

Torso length from shoulder to crotch - 22.70 inches
Crotch height or leg length should be - 31.81 inches

- Height 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches

Torso length from shoulder to crotch - 23.23 inches
Crotch height or leg length should be - 30.69 inches

As you can see, with males and females the same height, males have a slightly shorter torso length and slightly longer legs than female of the same height.

But when you round off the numbers, then . . . . . . .

Males - Height 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches

Torso length from shoulder to crotch - 23 inches
Crotch height or leg length should be - 32 inches

- Height 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches

Torso length from shoulder to crotch - 23 inches
Crotch height or leg length should be - 31 inches

There really isn't very much difference between male and female body proportions. When a male and female are both 66 inches tall, the male's legs will be approximately 32 inches long while the female's legs will be approximately 31 inches. Both will have a torso length approximately 23 inches from shoulder to crotch. The male will have a slightly shorter neck, about an inch shorter .

I prefer to round the numbers off because a fraction of an inch isn't going to make that much difference when it come to measuring human bodies since we are, after all, not machines, but living creatures. When God designed the human body, he did not use a micrometer to make sure that everything came out to within a tolerance of a thousand of an inch. It appears the females have slightly shorter legs and a slightly longer torso than males, but not by really very much difference.

So, at 5 ft 6 in or 66 inches tall, my measurements should be . . . . .

Torso length - 23 inches
Crotch height - 32 inches
Waist height - 40 inches

Ratio of (Crotch height : Torso length) or 32/23=1.39

As you can see, the torso length is usually less than the length of the legs.

But when I actually measured my own body, I discovered that my torso length is much longer, and my legs are much shorter, and my waist is much lower than the "standardized" body proportions.

My own actual measurements:

Torso length - 30 inches
Crotch height - 26 inches
Waist height - 36 inches

Ratio of (Crotch height : Torso length) or 26/30=0.86

So, my torso length is 7 inches longer, my legs are 6 inches shorter, and my waist is 4 inches lower than what is considered to be the "standard" proportions. Also, my arms and my neck is shorter. Normally the torso length should be less then the leg length, but in my case, my torso length is greater then the length of my short legs. We are not all alike, each person is unique even though most people might fall within the standard measurements, some people will significantly deviate from the standard.

Some people will have a longer torso and shorter legs, a larger body and shorter limbs, but on the other hand, some people will have a shorter torso and longer legs, smaller body with longer limbs. This is were we have the three basic body types, Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs.

THE THREE BODY TYPES - Ectos and Mesos and Endos! Oh my!

The next picture below depict the three basic body types.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

The Ectomorph

Ectomorphs are tall and slender, with the chest and hips being about equal in circumference, their bodies are linear with a shorter torso length from shoulder to crotch, with longer arms and longer legs in proportion to their height. The legs are much longer than the torso length, and the arms are also somewhat longer. When the arms are straight out at the sides, the total length of the outstretched arms is somewhat greater than the height. So, Ectomorphs are not depicted in Leonardo Da Vinci's anatomical drawings since their body proportions do not completely conform to the Golden Ratio.

The Mesomorph

Mesomorphs have a more athletic build. The torso is somewhat longer with somewhat shorter legs, but the legs are still longer than the torso length. When the arms are straight out at the sides, the total length of the outstretched arms is equal to the height. Mesomorphs are broader in the shoulders and narrow in the hips while Mesomorphic females have the classic "hourglass" shape. Yeah, it is the Mesomorph that is always depicted in all the standard anatomy charts and the model that Leonardo Da Vince used in his anatomical studies. So, it's the Mesomorph who's body corresponds so harmoniously with the Golden Ratio. Big deal! Good for them! What the Hell did he have against the Endomorphs and Ectomorphs anyway? I'd sure as Hell would like to know!

The Endomorph

Endomorphs, my favorite body type. Ah! Behold, the cute little Endomorph! We Endomorphs are soft and round. The torso is even longer, and the legs even shorter, and the torso length and leg length are approximately equal. When the arms are straight out at the sides, the total length of the outstretched arms is somewhat less than the height. The chest is more narrow, the hips are broader, and the head is a little bit larger, and the face is wider and more rounded out, and the neck is shorter. Endomorphic females are more "pear-shaped" while Endomorphic males are either proportional with the fat evenly distributed, or some tend to be "Apple-shaped" being bigger around the waist than around the hips. But then, there are also Endomorphic males who are "pear-shaped" and a few Endomorphic females who are slightly "apple-shaped" but not to the same extent as males. The skin tends to be soft and smooth. We Endomorphs also tend to be plump and many are inclined to become obese. Because of our body proportions, having a larger more rounded out body, and shorter limbs, we too are not depicted in all of the standard anatomy charts, and Leonardo Da Vinci also dose not depict Endomorphs in his anatomical studies because, like the Ectomorphs, our body proportions also do not conform to the Golden Ratio.

Am I an Endomorph? Or what?

I also have the more Endomorphic body proportions, but in my case, my torso length is greater than the length of my legs. I'm short and fat. Actually, I'm obese, at 5 feet 6 inches and 400 pounds. Now if the torso length and the leg length are equal in Endomorphs, and since my legs are shorter than my torso length, then, what does the make me?

I'm beyond being merely an Endomorph. I'm even more Endomorphic than the typical Endomorph. Since my torso length is greater than the length of my legs, then what am I?

Am I a Super Endomorph? How about Hyper-endomorphic!!!

My torso length is longer than my leg length

Yes, that is my own designation for people who's legs are shorter than the torso length.

Therefore . . .

Torso length < length =" Ectomorphic">
Torso length = Leg length = Endomorphic
Torso Length > Leg length = Hyper-endomorphic

Endomorphism And Hyper-endomorphism

The picture below depicts a regular Endomorph
and a Hyper-endomorph.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

The cute little
Endomorph on the left, you will notice that his torso length and leg length are equal while in the case of the cute little Hyper-endomorph on the right, his legs are shorter than his torso length, so, in my case, since my legs are shorter than my torso length, then I'm not just merely Endomorphic, I'm what I like to call, Hyper-endomorphic! I have seen a lot of guys who are built like this, some guys with really large bodies and really short legs, so I'm not the only one.


OK, so far we have gone over the topic of what I call Anthromorphology which is basically a study of human body shapes in general. Now we shall go into the study of what I am pleased to call Endomorphology which of course is my own personal study of obese human body shapes in particular. Endomorphology is actually a far more detailed and a far more complex study than Anthromorphology because we fat people, Endomorphs and Hyper-endomorphs, we come in a much wider variety of different shapes.

Ectomorphs look pretty much alike. They all have slender bodies with the circumference around the chest and hips being about the same while being slightly smaller around in the waist. Their bodies more linear in shaped.

Mesomorphs also tend to look pretty much alike. They have a more athletic build. The males tend to be broad in the shoulders and narrow in the hips while the females tend to have the classic "hourglass" kind of shape.

We Endomorphs, we are very special. While most Endomorphs tend to be somewhat bigger around the hips than around the chest we can also come in a far greater variety of different shapes. Most Endomorphic males tend to have a lot of extra fat somewhat evenly distributed all over the body while the females tend to have a lot of extra fat around the hips, buttocks, and thighs, being more pear-shaped. But some Endomorphs tend to have a lot more fat on the upper-body, being more apple-shaped. It is mostly Endomorphic males who tend to be more apple-shaped while it is mostly Endomorphic females who tend to be more pear-shaped. But one does see some pear-shaped males and apple-shape females. But most Endomorphs are somewhat proportional, meaning that the extra fat is more evenly distributed.


As for me, I truly love being an Endomorph, or as in my case, a Hyper-endomorph just simply because we come in so many interesting body shapes. The world would be a very boring place without us Endomorphs or Hyper-endomorphs. I love going out and observing other people walking around and I have always been fascinated by the many different shapes we see on fat people and really obese people. We fat people and obese people are actually fun to watch as we waddle about on the streets and in the shopping malls. And some of us Endomorphs are so enormously obese we can't walk anymore and have to get around in wheelchairs or electric power chairs.

The Apple Shape

Some Endomorphs have most of their extra fat on the upper-body with very little extra fat on the lower-body, thus being what is referred to as apple-shaped. In extreme cases, as in some apple-shaped males, they usually have great big fat man boobs or "moobs" and fat arms, a huge round belly above the waist, and in some really extreme, they may have very narrow hips, a really small butt, and skinny legs that are weak and wobbly having to support the weight of their huge massive upper-bodies. I have even seen some who's arms were actually bigger around than their legs! The perfect example is the guy you might see walking around out in public with his great big round belly that is so huge that he can't find any shirts large enough to completely cover his belly and his belly hangs down over the waistband of his pants causing his pants to slide halfway down on his butt, so that he goes around out in public showing off his bellybutton and butt-crack! The perfect apple-shaped obese male would have so much upper-body fat and has such a huge massive upper-body that both his upper arms and even his forearms being bigger around than his hips! Of course, I have not yet seen an apple-shaped obese male achieve such a degree of ultimate perfection.

The Pear Shape

Some Endomorphs have most of their extra fat on the lower-body and less extra fat on the upper-body, thus being what is referred to as pear-shaped. In extreme cases as in some females, they have really broad hips about twice as wide as the shoulders or even more, a huge butt that protrudes way out far behind them, a huge massive lower-belly below the waist that hangs down over the thighs, and I have seen a few really extreme cases where the thighs are bigger around than the chest! Now the perfect pear-shaped obese female would have so much lower-body fat that, not only her thighs, but even her lower legs would also be bigger around than her chest! But I have not yet seen a pear-shaped obese female achieve that ultimate degree of perfection.

Now, we Endomorphs are not the only people to become overweight. While Endomorphs are more likely to become fat or obese, both Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs may sometimes become overweight, but when they do, they can lose the extra weight more easily and keep it off, where as we Endomorphs have greater difficulty in losing weight and keeping it off.

When an Ectomorph becomes overweight, most of the extra weight settles in the belly. An Ectomorph may develope a little bit of a pot belly or beer belly, but they do not gain much weight anywhere else, and they only become only slightly overweight. Ectomorphs don't become obese or even fat, nor even chubby, but only slightly overweight by about 10 or 20 pounds or so, and that's about it. Also, they can lose the extra weight very easily and keep it off more easily than most people.

When a Mesomorph becomes overweight, for males most of the extra weight gain is on the upper-body and he becomes slightly apple-shaped while for females, the weight gain is more evenly distributed and she still retains her "hourglass" shaped. Mesomorphs may become kind of chubby getting up to around 50 pounds overweight but they very seldom become really obese. They also can lose the extra weight very easily and keep it off more easily.

Generally speaking, Mesomorphs are a lot more muscular than both Ectomorphs and Endomorphs. We Endomorphs are also more muscular than Ectomorphs but not as muscular at Mesomorphs. Most athletic body builders tend to be Mesomorphs, and through lifting weights or "pumping iron" some male body builders have been able to get up to around 300 to 350 pounds or so, but they are not fat. The extra weight is mostly muscle.

Now we Endomorphs, we can gain weight far more easily than the other body types, and we have far greater difficulty losing the weight or keeping it off, and we can become super super obese. Endomorphs hold the world's records for weight gain with some getting up to way over a thousand pounds or more! Most Endomorphs tend to be soft and weak but when weight lifting or pumping iron, Endomorphs can build up muscles very easily. We Endomorphs are very good at gaining weight, whether it be gaining fat from the foods we eat, or building muscles from weight lifting. we can do both very well. Gaining weight is what we Endomorphs do best. Sumo Wrestlers tend to be pear-shaped Endomorphs and they hold the worlds record for being the largest and heaviest athletes. A Sumo Wrestler can weigh up to 700 pounds and still not be immobile, therefore, Endomorphs can become even stronger than Mesomorphs. The strongest Endomorphs on record weigh twice as much as the strongest Mesopmorphs on record. but Endomorphs carry a lot of fat to cover their muscles so that no matter how strong and muscular Endomorphs become, they still look like great big soft round cream-puffs.


Next picture below shows a handsome Male and Female couple. Both are nice and plump, an Endomorphic couple. Actually, the female is only Endomorphic while the Male is actually Hyper-endomorphic.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

I have taken the original photo, and using my Photo Base 3 Program, I adjusted the contrast and brightness, because the gentleman is wearing dark blue shorts, so I had to lighten the colors to better determine his crotch height.

The result is the next photo below.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

Then I added the yellow lines showing their body proportions.

T=Torso length
L=Leg length
S=Shoulder height
W=Waist height
C=Crotch height

As you can see, the male on the left is taller than his female companion, so naturally, his torso length is going to be longer. But even though he is taller, his legs are shorter and his waist and crotch are lower than those of his shorter female companion. His arms are probably the same length as the arms of his female companion, but shorter in proportion to his larger body and his height.

The female's torso length and leg length are approximately equal, so she's just an
Endomorph, while the male's torso length is greater than the length of his legs, and so, he's Hyper-endomorphic, having a much larger body and even shorter limbs.

So, if your torso length and the length of your legs are approximately equal then you're just an
Endomorph. But if your torso length is greater than the length of your legs, then you're Hyper-endomorphic.

T = Torso Length
L = Leg length

T < l =" Ectomorphic">
T = L = Endomorphic
T > L = Hyper-endomorphic

Here are some more photographic examples of Endomorphs and Hyper-endomorphs.

The female in the photo on the left and the male in the photo on the right are only just Endomorphs because their torso lengths and leg lengths are approximately equal.

The male wearing the little black speedo on the left, and the male wearing the big baggy shorts on the right, they are both Hyper-endomorphic because their torso lengths are greater than the length of their legs.

The male is
Hyper-endomorphic because of his longer torso and shorter legs that are less than his torso length. His female companion is an athletic Mesomorph having the typical "hourglass" shape and her legs are longer than her torso. The male is much taller than his female companion, yet his legs are slightly shorter than her legs. He also has that somewhat "effeminate" looking pear-shape because of his broad hips which are much broader than his chest.
In this photo of the happy looking chubby trio, the two females are
Endomorphs because their torso lengths and leg lengths are approximately equal, while the male is Hyper-endomorphic because his torso is longer than his legs. Although he is the tallest of the three, his legs are slightly shorter than the legs of the shortest female on the far left.

Now I Know! I Am Hyper-endomorphic!

And finally, in the next photo, this one taken of myself back in April 2007 when I weighed about 375 pounds. I now weigh 400 pounds at 5 feet 6 inches tall.

I added some black lines to my photo to show my height and body proportions, and as you can see, my torso length is greater than the length of my legs, so I'm also Hyper-endomorphic.

My hips are bigger around than my chest so my measurements are . . .

Chest - 56 inches
Waist - 64 inches
Hips - 70 inches
Thighs - 36 inches

So, I'm only slightly pear-shaped, actually more proportional, bordering on pear-shaped.

As I have mentioned before, my height is 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches tall, so normally a male my height would have a torso length of 23 inches from shoulder to crotch, and a crotch height, or leg length of 32 inches, but in my particular case, as I have said before, my torso is 30 inches long and my legs only 26 inches long.

So, going back the the web site at:

If I keep entering different numbers to determine the height of someone with a torso length of 30 inches, or a leg length of only 26 inches, then I get some rather surprising results.

A male with a torso length of 30 inches would normally have legs that are approximately 42 inches long, and normally, he would be about 88 inches or 7 feet 4 inches tall.

A male who's legs are only 26 inches long would normally have a torso length of 18.5 inches, and normally, he would be only 54 inches or 4 feet 6 inches tall.

So, from this, am I to understand, that I have the torso of a male who is 7 feet 4 inches tall, and the legs of a male who is only 4 feet 6 inches tall?

It appears that my torso is 7 inches longer than it should be for my height and that my legs are 6 inches shorter than what they would normally be for my height, and that as a compromise, I turned out to be 5 feet 6 inches tall instead.

Indeed, I am most definitely Hyper-endomorphic! And I have noticed that more and more males that I see out on the streets have Hyper-endomorphic body proportions with longer torsos and shorter legs, while most females continue to retain more somewhat normal body proportions. I just haven't seen any Hyper-endomorphic females. Lots of nice chubby and plump Endomorphic females, but no Hyper-endomorphic females.

But I have been seeing more and more really obese men who are Hyper-endomorphic. It appears that in the future, over the years, men will get taller while their legs will get shorter and they will become more and more obese.

Now, all of this is based on my own personal observations, but I have seen a lot of male and female chubby couples, or couples where the male is obese while his female companion is of average size or thin, and I have seen many of these cases where the male is taller than his female companion, and yet, his arms and legs are shorter than those of his female companion.

So far, I haven't come across any examples of Hyper-endomorphic females. I suppose there might be some out there, but I haven't seen any. In Ectomorphic and Mesomorphic males and females, the legs are longer than the torso length, but with females, the torso is slightly longer and the legs slightly shorter, but not by very much. The differences are too small to be noticed by the casual observer. Also, males are 8 heads high and females are 7 heads high.

In both Endomorphic males and females, the torso length and leg length are equal, and both male and female Endomorphs are about 7 heads high, so we Endomorphs have slightly larger heads in proportion to our height with shorter necks and shorter limbs.

But it appears that Hyper-endomorphism, where the legs are shorter than the torso length, seems to occur mostly in males, with the exception being in cases of Achondroplastic or Hypochondroplastic Dwarfism, where in both males and females, the arms and legs are very short in proportion to the body, and the legs are much shorter than the torso. But the head is also much larger in proportion to the height.

Dwarfs are only about 5 heads tall, and the forehead is more prominent, tending to bulge forward. So dwarfs are naturally Hyper-endomorphic with a stocky build and they tend to become obese for their height. The exception being in rare cases of Primal Dwarfism where they have the same proportions as full grown adults, but they tend to be thin and frail, and much shorter. They are all little Ectomorphs, and miniaturized versions of full grown adults.

But while all Achondroplastic and Hypochondroplastic dwarfs are just naturally Hyper-endomorphic, not all Hyper-endomorphic people are Achondroplastic or Hypochondroplastic, because with full grown adults who are Hyper-endomorphic, their heads are of a normal size in proportion to their height. Therefore, while all dwarfs with Achondroplasia or Hypochondroplasia are Hyper-endomorphic, being Hyper-endomorphic by itself does not mean you have Achondroplasia or Hypochondroplasia. It only means that you have a large body and shorter limbs becausethe head is still normally proportioned to your height.

Now I have seen a few guys who were not overweight, but still had a long torso and short legs. I once saw some guy in his 20s who was about 6 feet tall and somewhat slender with really short legs, but his arms were only somewhat shorter in proportion to his height. In my opinion, that looks kind of weird, but then, that is only my own opinion. To me, it looks more natural to see shorter arms and shorter legs attached to a nice plump round body, but to see short arms and really short legs attached to a long slender body, well, that just looks way out of proportion. But it is quite possible, that as he gets much older, in his 30s or 40s, he might become really obese. When you have a really long torso and really short legs and short arms, you already have the Hyper-endomorphic body proportions, even if you're not yet overweight, but with proportions like that, you are set up to become obese sooner or later.


I once saw a really tall guy, about 6 feet 4 inches with a very long body and really short legs! He was not skinny or fat, rather, he was of average build. But to me, in my opinion, he looked really weird! He was young, probably in his late teens or early 20s. I predict, that as he gets older he will probably become obese, because I have noticed that super obese people with great big plump round bodies usually have really short fat legs. Their legs tend to be rather short in proportion to their height.

Now, it looks perfectly natural for an obese male with a great big plump round body to have really short legs, short fat little legs and short fat arms. But to see really short legs on a long slender body, well . . . . . . . that just looks too fucking weird!

In the picture below, we can see that this is one of those typical "Before And After" photos that we often see in so many commercials for diet and weight loss products.

Please click on the image above to see a much larger view

In my opinion, he looked much better when he was fat. Now, after losing a lot of weight, he looks more like an old rag that has been wrung out and hung up to dry! Forget it buddy! You should never have lost all the weight. You looked so much better when your were fat. Now you look more like one of those stupid wiener-dogs with the really long bodies and really short legs. When you were fat, you actually looked more human! Please! Take back the fat! OK???


I believe that if you have a really long torso and really short legs and short arms, then you absolutely need to fatten up!

Of course, I have noticed that most obese people, especially obese males tend to have short legs in proportion to their height. I have a theory as to why people with really short legs tend to be more obese.

If you happen to be Hyper-endomorphic, having an extra long torso and really short legs, then you just naturally going to fatten up real easy. I longer torso or larger body means that you have a larger internal organs, a bigger stomach to hold more food, and longer intestinal length to absorb more nutriants and calories from the foods you eat, so your body is designed to take in more food.

Because you have shorter legs, then your legs have shorter muscles, and shorter limbs with shorter muscles burn fewer calories and at a slower rate when in motion, and if you have really short legs and short arms, then you can not move your limbs fast enough to use up all the calories you take in.

It's as if the Hyper-endomorphic body is deliberately designed by nature to fatten up, to take in more food and burn off less calories. The Hyper-endomorphic body is designed for a lifetime of continuous weight gain. Those of us who are Hyper-endomorphic, we are predestined to grow fatter and fatter for the rest of our lives. We are like the mighty oak trees. We don't stop growing. Yes, we stop growing in height when we become adults, but we continue to grow wider and heavier. We just keep on growing fatter and fatter.

That's because our great big round bodies are designed to take in more food and our short fat little arms and legs are designed to move about too slowly to burn calories. We are designed to store away calories, not to burn calories.

We are suppose to grow fatter and fatter!!!


I have also seen some extreme examples of Hyper-endomorphism. One day I was out with a friend of mine, and we went out to have lunch, and while he was driving me home, we went through a residential area, when we saw this short fat Hispanic guy who looked like he was in his late 40s or early 50s.

He could not have been more than 5 feet tall. He had a big round body and really short fat little baby legs! Normally a male who is 5 feet tall will have a torso length of approximately 21 inches and legs approximately 29 inches long, or if he is merely Endomorphic, his torso length and leg length would both be about 25 inches, both being equal. But since he was an extreme Hyper-endomorph, his fat little baby legs looked like they could not have been more than one third of his
torso length or no more than 12 inches long, or about 17 inches shorter than they normally would have been for his height, so his torso length had to be about 17 inches longer than what would be expected for his height, or approximately 38 inches. Also, his fat little baby arms were so short he could not reach the waistband of his shorts.

He looked like the Extreme
Hyper-endomorphic male as depicted in the next picture below.

As you can see, his fat little baby legs are only about one third of his torso length, and with his short fat little baby arms, he can't reach the waistband of his shorts.

Of course, when we saw this guy walking the streets, he was wearing a bright green T shirt and dark blue shorts as depicted in the next picture below.

Yes, I had actually seen a fat little Hyper-endomorph like the picture above.

Although his arms and legs have the same proportions to his body as those of an Achondroplastic or Hypochondroplastic dwarf, he dose not have Achondroplasia or Hypochondroplasia, because his head is still of a size normally proportioned to the height of an adult male. He just happened to be a short adult male only 5 feet tall.

As we watched him waddle along the sidewalk, he looked like he was struggling to walk, huffing and puffing, and beads of sweat breaking out on his plump round baby face, but he had a great big happy smile as though he didn't have a care in all the world! Although he wasn't immobile, which was quite obvious because he was out walking the streets, he did look rather helpless, but he also looked happy.

We both wondered, how he was able to put on his own clothes, or how he was able to wipe his own butt or bathe himself, because his arms were not long enough for his hands to reach the waistband of his shorts. He probably had somebody at home who took care of him, and tended to all of his personal needs, perhaps the reason for the happy expression on his face.

My friend said that he looked like an obese little leprechaun because of the bright green T-shirt he was wearing and his dark blue shorts, and of course, we both thought he looked really cute! Naturally! Yeah, he looked just like a cute obese little leprechaun!

It seems that I have been noticing more and more young guys who are taller than their female companions, and yet, their arms and legs are shorter. Something is happening to us guys. Obesity is on the increase all over the world, especially here in the USA. For many decades, the percentage of obesity among woman as always been much higher than it was among men, but then, during the 1980s, obesity has been increasing faster among men than among women, and now the percentage of obesity among men has finally become higher than among women.

Being Hyper-endomorphic does have it's advantages. Having shorter legs and a larger body gives a Hyper-endomorphic male a lower center of gravity so he can stand his ground more firmly on his feet. Among Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs, females have a lower center of gravity. Males tend to have more upper-body strength while females tend to have more lower-body strength. But males who are Hyper-endomorphic, because of our much shorter and thicker legs, we have a lower center of gravity and more lower-body strength, especially us hyper-endomorphic males who are somewhat more pear-shaped. It appears that we males who are Hyper-endomorphic have more in common with females than we do with other males who are either Ectomorphic or Mesomorphic.

I have also noticed, that we Hyper-endomorphic males and not as aggressive as other males. We tend to be more laid back and easy going, more gentle and docile. I guess when you have a big soft plump round body, really short chunky legs, and waddle like an obese little penguin when you walk, we would look kind of silly, if not ridiculous, trying to put on a tuff Macho act. Yes, some Hyper-endomorphic males can be incredibly strong, be even then, it is still our nature to be more gentle and nonaggressive. When you have a great big round body standing on short chunky legs then your size and weight alone can be intimidating to others around you, so we really have no need to be aggressive. We can be very peaceful and calm, as gentle and docile as fat little lambs, and yet, because of our size and heaviness on our feet as we walk, or waddle, we can still be intimidating without being aggressive.

I should know from personal experience, because at 400 pounds, when I step aboard a bus, or walk into a room full of people, I'm usually the largest person there out of 30 or 40 other people, and sometimes my presence can be very intimidating. But I'm gentle and harmless. I'm actually an obese sissy boy. I'm a straight guy, but I'm a sissified straight guy, and yet, people are often intimidated by my size, even people who are taller than I am are still intimidated. But I'm actually a rather timid person myself, and yet, I can still be the most dominant person in a crowd just because of my size.

I believe that the reason why there is so much prejudice against us fat people is because, deep down at some primeval or subconscious level, they are actually envious, and wish they were larger in size. We great big fat people are God's special creations. We are magnificent, monumental, and Majestic. Even the poorest among us, we are still Royalty! I like to think of fat as being Royal Flesh. In ages past, it was only Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchesses, etc. etc. who where were able to become very fat! But now, even the poorest among us can become magnificently, monumentally, and Majestically Obese! Yes, we are truly giants! Even if you're only 4 feet tall, if you weigh at least 300 pounds, then you have earned the right, to call yourself, a giant!

I have noticed that there are a lot of young guys who actually wish they're were much bigger. Take for example some guys who are in street gangs. Notice how they like to wear big baggy pants or shorts halfway down on their hips, and a large over-sized shirt that goes way down below their hips, giving them the appearance of having larger bodies, and much shorter and thicker legs, what is known as the Hip Hop style. And if they happen to have round faces and shaved heads, then it makes the Hip Hop style look even more intimidating.

Well, for those of us who happen to be Hyper-endomorphic, we already have larger bodies, shorter and thicker legs, lower hips and a lower waist, so we don't have to wear our pants or shorts halfway down on our hips. We can wear our pants or shorts up around the waist above our hips, and we would still have that Hip Hop look. Those of use who are pear-shaped that is. Of course obese males who are apple-shaped can't keep their pants from falling halfway down on their butts, so they dress Hip Hop wether they want to or not.

But we pear-shaped obese males, we can still wear our pants up high around the waist above the hips and still have the Hip Hop look!

That is because we Hyper-endomorphic males already have Hip Hop bodies! Yeah, I guess since I'm Hyper-endomorphic then I also have a Hip Hop body!

Now, I think that is really cool!!!


William Sheldon (1898-1977) was an American psychologist who devoted his life to observing the variety of human bodies and temperaments. He taught and did research at a number of U.S. universities and is best known for his series of books on the human constitution. He was a keen observer of animals and birds as a child, and he turned this talent to good effect by becoming an avid people-watcher, and out of his observations he gradually elaborated his typology.

In the 1940s, Sheldon developed a theory that there are three basic body types, or somatotypes (based on the three tissue layers: endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm), each associated with personality characteristics, representing a correlation between physique and temperament.

Ectomorphy - focused on the nervous system and the brain (ectoderm) - the tendency towards slightness, corresponds to Cerebrotonia temperament artistic, sensitive, apprehensive, introvert.

Mesophorphy - focused on musculature and the circulatory system (mesoderm), has the tendency towards muscularity, corresponds to the Somatotonia temperament courageous, energetic, active, dynamic, assertive, aggressive, risk taker

Endomorphy - focused on the digestive system, particularly the stomach (endoderm); has the tendency toward plumpness, corresponds to Viscerotonia temperament tolerant, love of comfort and luxury, extravert.

Ectomorphic Body Type:

* thin
* flat chest
* delicate build
* young appearance
* tall
* lightly muscled
* stoop-shouldered
* large brain

Associated personality traits:

* self-conscious
* preference for privacy
* introverted
* inhibited
* socially anxious
* artistic
* mentally intense
* emotionally restrained


Mesomorphic Body Type:

* hard, muscular body
* overly mature appearance
* rectangular shaped
* thick skin
* upright posture

Associated personality traits:

* adventurous
* desire for power and dominance
* courageous
* indifference to what others think or want
* assertive, bold
* zest for physical activity
* competitive
* love of risk and chance


Endomorphic Body Type:

* soft body
* underdeveloped muscles
* round shaped
* over-developed digestive system

Associated personality traits:

* love of food
* tolerant
* evenness of emotions
* love of comfort
* sociable
* good humored
* relaxed
* need for affection


Of course, much of Dr William Sheldon's theories have been called into question, but personally, I think that it might be valid, because I have noticed, from my own personal experience, that a lot of thin people or Ectomorphs that I have known tend to be nervous and high-strung and, while muscular and athletic people or Mesomorphs I have known tend to be demanding, and sometimes rude and arrogant bullies while most fat people I have known, Endomorphs tend to be more gentle and docile, not as aggressive and sometime even timid.

So, I guess that there must be something to Dr William Sheldon's theories on body types and personality traits, because I have seen so many perfect examples.

Personally, I think more research needs to be done on this.

I also have my own theories on body proportions and Hyper-endomorphism.

I have noticed that most people who's legs are short for their height tend to be overweight, as in my case for example: my having the torso length of 30 inches, the torso of a male being 7 ft 4 in tall, the legs only about 26 inches, the legs of a male only 4 ft 6 in tall.

As I had mentioned before, the shorter limbs of the hyper-endomorphic male has shorter and thicker bones, and shorter muscles, so that shorter limbs burn fewer calories and at a slower rate when in motion. A longer torso has larger internal organs, a larger stomach to hold more food, and longer intestinal length to absorb more nutrients and calories from the foods we eat, so it appears that the Hyper-endomorphic body type with a much longer torso and much shorter limbs, has been deliberately designed by nature for taking in more calories and burning them off at a much slower rate, resulting in a very easy weight gain. It's like nature intended for some of us to be fat.

I also have theory as to why Hyper-endomorphism occurs mostly in men, why more men are Hyper-endomorphic while most plump women are only Endomorphic.

I believe an evolutionary change is happening to the human species, causing more men to have larger bodies and shorter limbs so that in the future, more and more males, even when taller than their female companions, most of the males will have shorter arms and shorter legs than their female companions.

It will mean that in the future, all humans will be obese, but males will be more obese than the females. For ages it has been that women were more likely to be obese than men, but now, it's beginning to be the opposite way around. It will be the males who will become more obese than the females.

Since women in the future will have longer legs than the men, women will be able to walk faster while their taller male companions having much larger bodies and shorter legs will find it difficult to keep up with the female. In the future, only women will be able to walk and run while men will only be able to waddle about on their short fat legs.

Because of this, in the future, men will become the weaker sex. Men will become less aggressive, more passive and docile, while women will become stronger and be able to move faster than the men, even though both men and women will be obese, women will only be Endomorphic while men will be Hyper-endomorphic.

I believe that the reason for this turn-about is because nature has found a way to keep the human race from becoming extinct, because for thousands and thousands of years, men have been the aggressors, waging war, and ruining the planet, and women have all too often been the victims of male aggression. So, what better way to render men more passive and docile? Some evolutionary process is happening to enlarge the male bodies, and shorten their limbs, so that eventually, males won't be able run anymore, and will only be able to waddle about like big fat penguins when they walk.

It will mean, that in the future, that as more and more men become Hyper-endomorphic, men will be too soft and weak to want to wage war, and will have to depend more on their intelligence to solve the world's problems. It also means that if a man gets angry, he won't be able to do much in the way of aggression, and the women will be able to outrun him anyway.

In the future, men who are mean and aggressive will become a thing of the past. In the future, men will all become as gentle and docile as fat little lambs.

The next picture below depict a typical male and female couple in the future.

Please click on the image above to see
a much larger and easier to read view

As a result of future males becoming more and more hyper-endomorphic, having larger bodies and shorter arms and shorter legs, the future male will be unable to bathe himself, to wipe his own butt, and to put on his own clothes because his arms will be too short to even reach the waistband of his pants. He will have to depend more on his female companion to take care of him, to bathe him, and to put his clothes on for him.

The next picture below depicts both the hyper-endomorphic
apple-shaped and pear-shaped obese males in the future.

Please click on the image above to see
a much larger and easier to read view


I have noticed over the years that young men are taller now, but their legs are shorter. Like, what's going on? What is happening to us males?

I'm 58 years old, and when I was in my 20's the average male was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 175 pounds while the average woman was 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed about 140 pounds. Now the average male is about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 195 pounds and the average femals is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds.

So, on average, we are getting taller and heavier, but weight has been increasing faster than height. When I was in my 20s, about 45% percent of the US population was overweight to some degree with maybe 10% percent being obese. Now, about 70% percent of the US population is overweight with almost 45% percent being obese.

For a long time, the obesity rate among woman was higher than among men. But all during the last half of the 20th Century, the obesity rates had been increasing among both males and females. In the 1980s the increase in the obesity rates in males had been catching up with the increase in obesity among females, and in the 1990s the rate of increase among both men and women was about equal. Then ever since the early 2000s the obesity rates among men started to increase faster than among women. As a result, the obesity rate among men is now higher than among women. Men are becoming more obese than women on average now and while men make up less than half of the total population of the USA, there are actually now, more obese males than obese females, and we males are becoming more obese than the females.

Also, even though males are getting taller, their legs are getting shorter. Here lately I have been seeing more and more male and female couples where the male is taller than his female companion, yet, his arms and legs are shorter than those of his female companion!

What's going on here?

As mentioned earlier before, normally the length of the legs is longer than the torso length, while in
Endomorphs, the leg length and torso length are approximately equal, while in the Hyper-endomorphic males the legs are shorter than the torso length.

But I have also been noticing more and more younger men who are not overweight, yet their legs are shorter than the torso length. I have seen a lot of tall guys with a low waist and really short legs. It looks kind of weird. I'm sure these guys will eventually become more overweight or even obese as the get older.

And why is this only happening to men?

Why are obese males becoming
Hyper-endomorphic while obese females remain only Endomorphic? Why are we seeing more and more obese Hyper-endomorphic males with larger bodies and shorter legs, and shorter arms?

The only time I have ever seen
Hyper-endomorphism in females is in cases of Achondroplastic Dwarfism or Achondroplasia where the legs are shorter than the torso length, but in cases of Achondorplasia, the head is large in proportion to the height.

Notice in the photo below that her legs are shorter than her torso length.

Achrondroplastic Dwarfs are just naturally
hyper-endomorphic. The next picture below depicts a perfect example of an obese Hyper-endomorphic female dwarf.

Please click on the image above to see
a much larger and easier to read view

Aw! Now I think she is really cute! She was only 34 inches tall, yet she weighed 309 pounds! Most children who are only 3 feet tall weigh about 40 to 50 pounds on average. So this sweet babe weighed as much as 6 children her height!

Hey! when you weigh at least 300 pounds, you have earned the right to call yourself a giant, even if you're only a dwarf that is less then 3 feet tall, if you weigh at least twice as much as an adult of average height, then you are a giant!

So, I consider myself a giant, even though I'm only 5 feet 6 inches tall, about 3 inches shorter than the average male at 5 feet 9 inches tall. Therefor I consider myself a giant because I weigh about 400 pounds!

And I'm
Hyper-endomorphic because my legs are shorter than my torso length.

I have always been
hyper-endomorphic because my legs have always been shorter than my torso length. When I was born, my mother said the my legs and arms were kind of short in proportion to the size of my round little body, so I was just naturally born hyper-endomorphic.

And now, we are beginning to see more and more males who, even if not yet overweight, their legs are shorter than their torso lengths, and when standing next to their female companions, even though taller than their female companions, their legs and arms are shorter, and the waistline and hips are lower than those of their female companions.

With each new generation, males will be taller, but their arms and legs will be shorter while their bodies will get bigger and more rounded out. If this trend continues into the future, males will have really huge round bodies and short fat baby legs and short fat arms.

Once again, notice the picture below.

Please click on the image above to see
a much larger and easier to read view

This is how young males and females might appear in the future toward the end of the 21st Century. Notice how helpless the male has become. His fat little baby arms are too short to reach the waistband of his shorts. He is unable to put on his own clothes and he is unable to bathe himself or even wipe is own butt. He is dependent on his female companion to dress him, to bathe him, and to wipe his butt for him. Notice how short his legs are. His legs are only about 1/3 of his torso length, even though he is much taller than his female companion, his legs and arms are much shorter. His female companion can walk much faster than he can run, assuming he could run at all, which is rather doubtful. Actually, he can't even walk, but can only waddle instead.

The obese female is also unable to wipe her own butt without having to use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder. At least, she can use a pair of tongs. But the male doesn't even have that option! That's because his arms are so short and his hips are so low that there are not even any tongs that are long enough for him to use as a toilet paper holder. So, his female companion must tend to his personal hygiene for him.

Again, notice the next picture below, depicting how both apple-shaped and pear-shaped future males will become more
Hyper-endomorphic or even Super-hyper-endomorphic!

Please click on the image above to see
a much larger and easier to read view

If the trend continues, and I believe it will, then some time by the mid to late 22ed Century, the
Super-hyper-endomorphic obese males, both apple-shaped and pear-shaped, will have even bigger bodies and even shorter limbs, and become even more helpless and dependent on their female companions who will continue to be merely Endomorphic, but will probably not become Hyper-endomorphic as males will surly become. The future males will have even larger bodies and shorter limbs with the legs being only 1/5 the torso length.

Why is this happening to us males? What evolutionary process is causing this?

I have a theory as to why this is happening.

For centuries, men have been the aggressors. I was men who made war, and it is men who are still making war with more and more destructive results. We now have nuclear weapons and biological weapons that could very well destroy all life on this planet. So, it appears that the evolutionary forces are acting to prevent the extinction of life. What better way, than to cause men to become too helpless to act out their aggression? Or if you don't believe in evolution, then you could say that God himself decided to intervene to counter male aggression in order to save humanity from destruction. Personally, I believe in evolution, but I also believe there's a God.

Anyway . . . . . . .

When men can no longer bathe themselves, nor put on their own clothes, nor even wipe their own butts, and having to depend on their female companions to bathe them, wipe their butts for them, and help them get their clothes on, then the women will rule the world and the men will serve as drones, donating sperm to women who will artificially inseminate themselves, because the men will be physically unable to engage in sexual intercourse.

Women will essentially rule the world. Yes, both men and women will go to schools to be well educated. Men will be able to do some jobs, like being teachers or office workers while women will be in politics and in construction work since men will be physically unable to work at construction, being much too large to move about very much.

But best of all, there will be no more wars, because even if some men still have an aggressive attitude, they will be physically incapable to act out on their aggressive feelings. A man will be unable to attack a women, because of his really short fat baby legs. A woman will not have to run away from him, but will be able to get away simply by walking, because women will have longer legs and will be able to walk much faster than the a man could ever run. But men won't be able to run anyway, but only waddle about on their short fat baby legs.

Also, if any guy who refuses to co-operate with his female companion, then she might refuse to help him get his clothes on, and just let him sit around at home in the nude, as naked as the day he was born, like a big fat baby boy. Then he would not be able to go out when he wanted to. Woman will virtually have men over the proverbial barrel.

Yes, I actually like what's happening to us men!

I like that we men are becoming more and more obese, that there is now more obese men than there are obese women. I like how each in successive future generation, men will have bigger bodies and shorter limbs and become more and more

As I have said much earlier, I'm also
Hyper-endomorphic, and I like it. It actually feels quit comfortable having a larger body and shorter limbs. It gives a guy a more relaxed and laid back kind of appearance.

Some might think that for my height, my torso is 7 inches too long and my legs are 6 inches too short, but I say, I'm not too anything. I'm built the way nature intended for me to be built. With my larger body and shorter limbs, I'm built like a Teddy Bear, so I'm going to be plump and round like a fat Teddy Bear.

I'm glad that I'm
Hyper-endomorphic. The Hyper-endomorphic body is the most comfortable type of body to have.

I have seen the future and . . . . .

. . . . . it is fat.


Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!


Big Lard Ass said...


Yeah!!! I am excited about all this stuff- your theories and research about human obesity is really cutting edge and has been ignored by mainstream science for far too long.

In the future, we will give specialized medical treatment to people based on their body type, for example, maybe the decision whether to do statin drugs or that balloon artery expander thing, maybe one works better on one body type rather than the other, currently its mostly just based on what the individual doctor prefers.

I believe that Teddy's body was designed to gain massive quantities of weight, at least 1 lb per week, meaning 500 calories over your nutritional requirements per day. This will lead to a weight gain of 52 lbs per year, and in 10 years, you will then weigh almost 1,000 lbs and be 68 years old. I, on the other hand, will be 58 years old, and according to my doctor, I will have been dead for about eight years. So, I've got that going for me.

But at this point in my life, I think it would just be too much work to start losing weight. Also, it's more fun to gain weight, because I get excited charting my progress and setting goals, and I always know that in at least this area of my life I'm always making progress.

I thought it was interesting, that picture of the morbidly obese man with the thin woman. I'm attracted to thin chicks, sure, but I'm more attracted to FAT CHICKS. Ohhhhh yeahhh. Its mainly about the personality that fat chicks have, and the Sluttyness Factor. My girlfriend really gets around, but we have an open relationship so that means I will be able to date skinny chicks if I want.

Although I do admit, I get jealous when other guys do my girlfriend, but we all have to make compromises, and anyway it's not a very frequent thing, she has a couple of "f-buddies" she sees maybe once per week, and she says every few months she'll pick up a bar guy and have sex, sometimes using protection, sometimes not.

I am worried about getting AIDS from her though, because that would probably lead to serious weight loss, and an even earlier death. It's bad enough worrying about my diabetes and the possibility of getting heart disease, without throwing AIDS into the mix. So far she has tested negative for HIV, which is good, but I still worry about it. Maybe I'll only use condoms from now on, just to be safe with her constant promiscuity. Oh yeah, and she's moving in to my house! I'm really happy and excited about this, even though I am worried about STDs.

I have also started taking up smoking, because Brenda smokes, and so far I find it to be pretty soothing and good. If I quit, I will gain more weight though, so that's an incentive to quit. I'm currently up to 1 cigarette per day, but hopefully by the end of 2010 I will be up to maybe 2 packs per day of unfiltered Marlboro Reds, like a Real Man smokes. Not Virginia Slims, which women like Brenda and sissy men smoke.

So, I applaud your new article! I have also taken to going to the gym in my office building to work on my upper body, and hopefully I will start feeling the results soon. I've also started taking a steroid regimen so that should help as well. I feel more manly already! My upper body is going to get huuuuuuuuge!


Big Lard Ass

Fat Bastard said...

Once again you have added another wonderful and important chapter to your growing body of work. I have never seen such an in depth study of somatypes. I hope that you expand upon this important cutting edge work. As you know Sheldon was the first person to present somatypes and he assigned psychological traits to different body types but I suspect that he just scratched the surface.

We have previously discussed the docile and serene nature of pears compared to the aggressive and combative nature of apples. I hope you speak in depth to the psycho biology and the neural behavior as it pertains to the variations in body shapes.

Proud FA has not seen this yet but I am sure he would be as impressed as I. He has also done some study in the area of body types and how they behave sexually and their tastes in food but it was never as formal scholarly as your work but I think it has merit and I think you can glean some useful information from PFA's observations and experience.

Thank you for bringing this important work to the world. If you would like I could contact some university research centers and alert them about your work and direct them to this blog. Perhaps I can see about getting you a grant to further your important work. Please copyright your work!

Here is a resounding oink that will echo in the halls of academia. OINK!!!!

PS. Big Lard Ass is onto something. You were born to gain!

Hey Big Lard Ass, I am not attracted to fat chicks but I think it's because mechanically they are tough to pork if your a fat guy. I bang skinny coke whores and other skinny girls with low standards. Proud FA like porking fat chicks but he is not in a serious relationship with size 2 chick and boy would I like to bone her.

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Fat Bastard,

How do you manage to find skinny women to bone? It seems difficult to find women with low self esteem sometimes, because I don't know the right places to look for those women. Do they not care how much you weigh, and therefore a behemoth of a man is fine because they just want any man? And do I use pick-up lines, or what? I don't really want to go for crack-addicted women though, maybe just alcoholics or possibly painkiller addicts. (If she's addicted to painkillers, then she won't feel the pain from my mammoth tool and my giant gut which I will place on her backside while I do her).

I'm glad that Brenda and I have an open relationship, because this will leave me free to bang other chicks as often as I am able to, yet I still have the comfort of being able to have sex with Brenda on a regular basis, and soon we will also be moving in together, and then I will propose to her pretty soon after that, and then I will impregnate her with my morbidly obese sperm cells, and she has promised to make her boyfriends use condoms during that time period until we know she is pregnant, so that she will only have my baby.

Then, I will make sure that my child will be given lots of cheeseburgers, french fries, et cetera- just lots and lots of food, so that he or she can grow up to set the world record for obesity!! If that's his or her goal, though, I'll be okay if they say no, but until they are old enough to decide that, I am going to make the choice for them, and that choice will be: EAT! EAT!! EAT!!!

Hopefully I will gain about 100 lbs per year from here on out, and hopefully I will get to become over 1,000 lbs while still retaining my full mobility.

You see, I have a very different body shape compared to Teddy. Teddy has a giant torso and tiny limbs, and is 5'6" (after shrinking an inch during middle age- or possibly all that weight just compressed him down an inch!)

I am 5'11", and actually I think my body type was an ectomorph, actually. Initially it was very difficult for me to gain lots of weight, but once I was out of high school and I stopped wrestling and doing other athletic things as much, and I spent more time in fast food joints, then the weight just started adding on even though my body type is supposed to be thin.


Big Lard Ass said...

I believe that we can transcend our genetics to some extent, and I am an example of that. Just because you were athletic and strong, that doesn't mean that you will not be able to become a lazy glutton if you put your mind to it and set goals, and work towards them.

At this point, I would look like a freak of nature if I lost lots of weight. And it would make me very depressed, not being able to eat my favorite foods, and also I just wouldn't have the energy with all of the stresses of my job.

Like I said before, I took up smoking recently, and it does seem to help calm my nerves somewhat.

Also, I liked the photograph of Teddy, even though that was when he was a mere 370 lbs, as opposed to his much more robust current weight of approximately 400 lbs. I like how you were rockin' that pimp cane, too.

Brenda is 6'1", so she is about 2 inches taller than I am. She is very tall, but also very fat. This might be part of why we are so strongly attracted to each other. She is bi-racial; Korean and African, whereas I am German, and was actually born in West Germany but my parents immigrated to the U.S. when my brother was born 2 years later. My other siblings were born in America and would thus be eligible to become the President, whereas I am ineligible due to having been born in Germany. Bummer. I would have been even fatter than President Taft!

Brenda was born in South Korea, actually. It's interesting how we both come from divided nations, and now we're in the US, and now we've become dangerously obese to the point where our doctors basically hate us because of our lifestyle choices, and we found refuge in each other, uniting into a large mass of sweating passion that lives only to eat, drink, have sex, take dumps, and sleep. Work is just a means towards the end of being able to do those other things as much as possible, especially eating and sexing.

Anyway, I just thought that that information might be interesting to you guys.


Big Lard Ass

Fat Bastard said...

There is this myth that fat people especially fat women have low self-esteem but nothing could be further from the truth. Fat girls flaunt their big blubbery bodies. Simply google words like plumper, fat, fat girl, in a google image search with the filter off and you will get a plethora of fat girls flaunting it. Do the same thing with words like skinny, skinny women, anorexic and all you get is a bunch of self conscious prudes fully clothed. It's depression.

I get a lot of skinny pussy because I pay for it or I ply them with coke or ice. A skinny chick jonesing for a hit of crystal meth will do all sorts of unspeakable things. I do thing to them that you wouldn't do to a barnyard animal.

Many skinny women may be prudes but for the right price they will give it up.

Between porn, phone sex and prostitutes I have enough sex but food usually trumps sex most of the time anyway. It's a win win situation.

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy, PFA needs toi get off his ass and send you his observations of fat body types.

Here are a few he has used when describing obese woman.

P.A.A. or pillow arm action. this is a term for describing really big upper arm that look like couch pillows.

H.A.A. or Ham Arm Action. Used for describing and arm that looks like a ham. I love ham.

TVBA or Television Butt Action is used describe a a butt that is bigger than most and flat and wide like a TV screen.

FBRA or Fat Back Rib Action. This describes the side view of a BBW wheb they look like the Michelon man.

FAA or Front Ass Action is used to decribe a grade 3 or above pannus that has a split like a Parker H't confuse House roll. Don't confuse this a GCTA or Giant Camel Toe Action.

Then there is the BCA or Blended Chin Action which describe a a single chin that blends seamlessly to the upper torso.

HDNA or Hot Dog Neck Action. That one is self-explanatory.

Then there are the "extra" body parts that have yet to be named.

Fat Bastard said...



Bigger Fatter Blog and the Biggest Fattest Blog are now officially recognized by Wikipedia as the leaders in the New Fat Acceptance movement. OINK OINK OINK!

Let's pop a cork and toast the dawning of a new age in fat acceptance!

Fired up! Ready to go! Fired up! Ready to go! Fired up ready to eat!


Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.

I just went to the Wikipedia web site you had mentioned.


"In 2008 a new and inclusive movement took root. Commonly referred to as the "new fat acceptance movement" blogs like Mike Gerard's and Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear's seek to usher in what they call the next wave in fat acceptance. Unlike the current movement that tries to explain away the cause obesity as being the result of a genetic disorder or mysterious metabolic glitch, the new fat acceptance accepts the immutable scientific reality of why people get fat and stay fat. The new fat acceptance promotes and celebrates obesity, feederism and gluttony."

WOW! We made the big time!

Well, I do acknowledge that sometimes obesity is caused by a genetic disorder, that not all fat people are gluttons.

There is Prader Willi Syndrome, and people with this genetic disorder have low muscle mass and can easily gain weight on more than 500-700 calories per day. Also, a part of the brain, the Hypothalamus which regulates appetite dose not function in Pradar Willi Syndrome. Children with this disorder, no matter how much they eat, they never feel full. They always feel hungry and can easily get up to 400 to 500 pounds in their early teenage years. Yet, they only require about 500-700 calories per day just to maintain a "normal" weight, but will easily become obese on more than 700 calories per day, which is less than the usual 2,500 calories per day that most average size people eat. People afflicted with Prader Willi Syndrome have been known to literally eat themselves to death.!

There is also Cushing's Syndrome. People with this disorder can become obese on just 1,500 calories per day.

So, yeah! Sometimes obesity is not due to gluttony.

But most people are obese because they are always going on one new fad diet after another, and every time people lose a lot of weight, they'll always gain back more than they had lost, and the next time around, it becomes harder to lose weight.

That's why I always say, once fat, always fat.

Dieting to lose weight is un-natural. It's perfectly natural to enjoy food and to eat for pleasure.

Gluttony is natural. It's our natural instincts telling us to eat and fatten up in case food might not always be readily available.

Also, in one of my previous articles, I had mention how belly-fat releases neuropeptides intonthe blood stream which increases hunger.

So, it's not just eating a lot that makes people fat, but being fat, especially with a big belly, causes people to eat more.

So, not only does gluttony cause obesity . . .

Obesity also causes gluttony.

The bigger your belly gets, the more neuropeptides are released into the bloodstream, and the hungrier you will feel, causing you to become more obese with an even bigger belly, which makes you hungrier still.

This sets up a cycle of run-away weight gain which induces run-away gluttony.

So, it,s not just being a glutton that makes you fat, but also being fat causes gluttony.

Just being obese gives one an appetite!

It works both ways.

Anyway . . . . .

Thanks for the good news about the new article on the Wikipedia web site.

Yeah! We made the big time!

Proud FA said...
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Proud FA said...

Oink Oink Oink! The age of the glutton is here. We are indeed ushering in a new age for fat acceptance. With the reasoned erudition of people like Teddy and the passion of the Fat Bastards of the world and disciples like Big Lard Ass we will steamroller the old and tired fat acceptance movement and replace it with reason and commonsense.

When Fat Bastard Emailed me and told me the good news my heart skipped a beat. Now with the endorsement of Wikipedia folks in the old movement who are disgruntled with the lies and the infighting will join us where they will not have to lie and pretend they are not gluttons.

Guilt free gluttony is key. Your work Teddy is vital in showing all the fatlings that gluttony is good.

Fat Bastard and I have some very liberating advice to fat world and it is simple.... EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT and EAT EVEN MORE!

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Everybody,

I am GAINING! Just this month, since I have found this blog, I have gained a whopping 25 lbs! In just one month! I am so excited and happy with my progress- at this rate, I will gain 300 lbs per year, and soon I will become the fattest man who ever lived! As my type two diabetes kicks my hunger into high gear, I may even start to gain weight at a faster rate.

Right now, I feel like I am a runaway freight train, barreling down a hill, and as I go further and further down the hill, I keep on picking up speed (weight)! And I feel like all the anti-fat fascists are just like a simple wooden roadblock designed to hold me back at the bottom of the hill, and I know that I am just going to metaphorically smash through that barrier and reach the next hill of luscious weight gain.

I have just polished off a record two pizzas in one sitting! My girlfriend Brenda had one entire pizza by herself, which made me very proud of her. And then we also each had about a bottle of whiskey and a two liter bottle of soda each. What I do is, I drink the soda and then I use a funnel to add in the whiskey until the soda bottle is full, and then gradually the alcohol content increases. I feel so incredibly bloated, and it is a good feeling. I must have had over 10,000 calories in just this one sitting.

My girlfriend, earlier today for breakfast, she had frosted flakes cereal, two giant bowls of it (more than an entire box), plus some chocolates, and some ice cream, and then she passed out because she had forgotten to take her insulin! She almost never checks her blood sugar though, and I am nagging her about it because you're supposed to check your blood sugar pretty often, even if you are a type one diabetic like she is. Anyway, I got worried that she might stop breathing or something, because when she fell down she looked delirious and in trouble, but I couldn't lift her up on the bed, because she is too heavy. So instead I called the hospital and they sent an ambulance, and a whole lot of drama later, and they let her out of the hospital and the doctor was yelling at her, saying that she is going to die or lose her legs if she continues to refuse to manage her diabetes. At first she told the doctor that she doesn't have diabetes, but I corrected her, and she was a bit flustered and said that she just didn't want to be lectured about this anymore, and that she wants to live a normal life without having to take insulin or check her blood sugar.

She has been prescribed insulin, but she doesn't like to take it because of the needles involved, and I can't say that I blame her. Needles suck, but for me, I just suck it up because I know that this is for my best long-term gaining interests.

My steroids are from pills, not injections, and they are legal herbal supplements that your body turns into anabolic steroids, and they are not regulated by the FDA because it is classified as an herbal supplement and not as a drug or a food. Pretty cool loophole!

Anyway, they wanted to keep Brenda there overnight for observations, but I managed to get her released, and then she was crying a lot, and I told her that everything is going to be okay, that diabetes is not such a big deal, and that she doesn't have to take her insulin if she doesn't want to, but that she should take it so that she can survive longer and we can get married and have kids. So, I proposed to her right then and there! And she said yes!!

So, we went out for a celebratory pizza, or actually we ordered in some pizzas, and I broke out the whiskey. Anyway, took her insulin, a lot of it, and she says she feels fantastic. I'm going to make sure that she takes her insulin regularly, and hopefully her blurry vision will improve, and also hopefully she will stop drinking so much damn water, it's annoying when she gets up 4 times in the night to use the bathroom and then drink more water, because she says she always feels very thirsty.


Big Lard Ass

Biggus Piggus said...

Hello and Happy New Years. I'm Biggus Piggus. I have been a lurker on your blog and It is truly inspiring. I am a feeder/gainer and I was on Fantasy Feeder discussing your wonderful blog and people their were trashing you. I cannot believe how jealous and petty some people can be. This blog is a wonderful resource on the science of feeding and gaining.


Proud FA said...

The above link further confirms your work on pear vs apple. It explains that butt fat is good fat and belly fat is bad fat. I think you will find the research compelling and worthy of your commentary.

Biggus Piggus, people are most certainly jealous of Teddy and because he is a mild mannered gentleman people are mean to him sometimes. Mostly it is because he is a very successful gainer and a leading voice in the new FA movement. They higher the fewer.

Proud FA said...

In an attempt to get Fat Bastard back on his feed I have posted some pictures of fatlings with some very interesting shapes.

If you get a chance please stop be and give Fat Bastard some words on encouragement. 2009 has been tough on him with the heart attack and the escalator ordeal and now the loss of appetite.

There are some wonderful pictures that are begging for your erudite endomorphologic analysis categorization. Much work need to be done and who better to do it than you?

Teddy Bear said...

Biggus Piggus said...

"Hello and Happy New Years. I'm Biggus Piggus. I have been a lurker on your blog and It is truly inspiring. I am a feeder/gainer and I was on Fantasy Feeder discussing your wonderful blog and people their were trashing you. I cannot believe how jealous and petty some people can be. This blog is a wonderful resource on the science of feeding and gaining."

Good evening Biggus Piggus, and a Happy New Year.

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I had to fix some computer problems I was having.

Yes, I use to be a member of Fantasy Feeder, and I was banned from their web site.

Some have complained that my posts were too long in their forums, so I was limited to only 10 lines of text in any forum post.

But in my final post, I had responded to 2 other members in the same post, and I did keep it down to 10 lines in response to each of the 2 members, a total of 20 lines.

After my post, I was banned.

But a few months, before I was banned, there was a couple of members who were pedophiles. I can't remember their user names.

Do you remember a few years back, there was a girl named Jessica? She was only 7 years old when she weighed over 400 pounds!

Somebody had posted a link to a You Tube Video about the 7 year old 400 pound Jessica.

One of the forum members said that she looked "really hot and sexy" which is NOT an appropriate thing to say about a 7 year old child.

Yeah, I might say that fat little kids are cute, but I would NEVER say a little girl so young is "HOT" and I had posted an angry response.

Also, another member posted about having sex with children, implying that there is nothing wrong with pedophilia.

I also ripped that scum-bag apart verbally.

If anyone should have been banned, it should have been those 2 low-life scum-bags pieces of shit!

You see, when I was 17 years old, I was once raped and beaten by an older man.

This was back in 1969. I'm 58 years old now. Back then, I was in desperate need of some kind of psychological counseling, but back in the late 1960s and 1970s, nobody believed that a guy could get raped, so the shrinks merely prescribed tranquilizers and sent me home.

So, as you can see, I hate pedophiles, and after my angry response to the 2 scum bags over at Fantasy Feeder, they only responded back with more rude and obnoxious posts.

Yeah, at Fantasy Feeder, those 2 low-lifes were allowed to stay on, while I get banned!

So, they can just go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned!

To be continued . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . Continued from above.

I was also banned from Belly Builders where I also had the user name Teddy Bear.

One of the forum members, Redvein, said that he hated my artwork.

OK! Fine! Everybody is entitled to their opinions.

While some members thought my artwork sucked, I have received many private messages from members who like my artwork, ad a few had posted in the forums that my art work was good, and one member even describes my are as "oddly erotic" bot most of the complements were in private messages.

But one day, I received a threatening E-mail from Redvein, saying that he would like to break into my home, steal my computer and art equipment, and that I should have my hands smashed with a sledge-hammer!

I sent a copy of the E-mail back to the forum moderators. I was told not to say anything about the threatening E-mail, and that Redvein would be banned.

But, Redvein only got a temporary ban for about 2 weeks and then he was back again.

Anyway . . .

This article that you have read here, about ENDOMORPHOLOGY, I had also posted over at Belly Builders.

It cause quit a controversy over there, and one of the forum members, Icarus, said that I should have been aborted! Also, Janus had to rip me apart.

Well, after that, the topic was blocked so nobody could post in it anymore, then eventually my topic was deleted.

After more harassment in the Belly Builders forum, I got pissed off, so I spilled the beans about Redvein's threatening E-mail and how he said that I should have my hands smashed with a sledge-hammer!

Now, I don't care if some people might think that my artworks sucks, I can live with that.

But I will not abide and threats of violence made against me.

So, after I had openly confronted Redvein in the forums, I got banned from Belly Builders.

I now have a new user name under a different E-mail address so I can still log in over there,and I'm able to spy on them, but I will not post anything.

They're all cowards over there, talking about me, Teddy Bear, behind my back.

That wen on for a couple of weeks until they got tired of ripping me apart, then they went on to something else.

Both, Fantasy Feeder and Belly Builders are way too conservative. They do not fully embrace gluttony over there as much as we do here at Fat Bastard's Bigger Fatter Blog, and my BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG.

Here at out 2 blogs, we talk about setting new records for weight gain.

I would love to be the first person to weigh a full ton! We're talking, like, 2000 pounds of more.

I believe it's possible, but I don't know if I can achieve that, but I'm sure going to try for it if I can.

Anyway . . . . .

Thank you very much and have a Happy New Year.

Fat Bastard said...


I recently checked out Feeder Fantasy after reading the exchange between you and Biggus Piggus and I think he's right about them being jealous of you and your brains, body shape and talent.

Feeder Fantasy looks pretty creepy. I think they are the sicko rejects that NAAFA's Dimension Magazine doesn't want. They are third rate gainers and feeders at best. Proud FA calls them FINOS (Feeders In Name Only) and GINOS (Gainers In Name Only) and I think he's right. I have looked at their pictures and most of them are mere pups compared to you. You are a first class gainer. You are a cerebral and scientific and cutting edge gainer, innovator and glutton. You are a class act and they are jealous. Don't take their taunts and threats personally. Consider the source. Every knock is a boost.

As you know there is a NAZI mentality permeating the old and ossifying NAAFA style fat acceptance and with NAZIS come anti-Semites. Proud FA and I are both staunch defender of the Jews and Israel. As a gluttony and Proud FA as a feeder we are particularly sensitive when it come to ALL the people who were starved by the NAZIS.

Flip off the haters!

The Chef said...

Greetins from The Chef,

The Chef must say that this is a very fascinatin blog.

The Chef is a big man with a big appetite and he ain't makin no apologies for it. The Chef is a graduate from the prestigious Johnson and Wales School of Culinary Arts where he graduated with honors in the fields of cheffin and culinary nutrition.

The Chef is a proud man of color and it is customary and cultural for men of color to frequently speak in the third person. Therefore The Chef refers himself as the Chef.

Mr Bear, you have a very unique, educational and entertaining blog. The Chef would like to let you know that you are indeed providing a fine service to fat folks everywhere. The Chef appreciates you effort in promoting fat acceptance and the enjoyment of the fruits culinary arts.

I noticed that you did not have no pictures of Black folks. Sistas are fat as hell. The Chef like women of all color and the CHef is an equal opportunity lover of beautiful ladies. The Chef likes his ladies like his steaks, juicy, thick and pink in the middle but the Chef ain't got no wood for them SSBBW's God bless em.

The Chef enjoys fine ladies, fine wine and a bit of the sticky green for medicinal purposes only because the Chef is a bit gouty in the leg. Gout is an occupational hazard of cheffin.

Fat Bastard said...

You need to check this out. I think it requires your expert and professional investigation. Proud FA is their now! There are body types there that need your scholarly examination and indentification.

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Proud FA,

Holy buffalo wings! Those SSBBWs are sa-laaaaaaaaaamin'! Imagine being with a woman who has extreme difficulty even getting through a doorway while going sideways?! And she gets her butt crack stuck for a moment, and her ass is permanently modified into the shape of the seat cushion because she has to sit almost always, and her middle stomach droops down like that with the side flaps!! OMG! That is totally awesome!

I have never been into the whole getting sat on thing, that's not what I like. But I definitely do lust after enormous female bellies, and basically any time a woman is massively obese, that's the kind of stuff I'm into. Also skinny chicks, I don't discriminate, although I would only want to just use a thin woman for sex, not love.

Oh, I went to the ER for my chest pains, and they found a questionable mass in my moobs, and apparently I might actually have breast cancer?? Men can get breast cancer!? They also found fairly severe clogging in all of my major arteries to my heart, but they said that it is not imminently life-threatening, but that I need to get either a stent or go on medication. I'm glad it isn't heart cancer or anything like that, though. I'm scared of that shit, especially being a type two diabetic and all.

My fiance collapsed again, another diabetic coma, technically. I'm a bit worried about her and my health, and frankly, I don't know if I am really going to survive into my 80's or 90's like I had planned. At this rate I will be lucky if I make it to 60, and I might even die before I turn 50. All because of my over-eating.

So, I'm going to have a biopsy done on my moob tumor, and hopefully it will turn out not to be cancer, otherwise I will have to get a lot of my moob material removed. But honestly, my moobs are actually one of the things about being morbidly obese that I don't really care for very much. It's fine if you are like that goddess Patti woman, with her massive boobs, because she is a woman. But for a guy, it just comes off as a little strange. I don't want to wear a bra, so, I don't know if maybe I should just have my moobs reMOOBed regardless, and hopefully they would not grow back as I gain more weight.


Big Lard Ass

Rev. Big Lard Ass said...

Dear The Chef,

You sound like a person with very similar intentions to my own. I am glad that you have found this wonderful blog and understand how great it is.

How fat do you like your women? You said you don't like SSBBWs, is there any reason why you don't? I strongly prefer SSBBWs, especially if they are so fat that they have great difficulty in moving around. My fiance is working towards achieving that status, so that she can go on disability and we can hire someone to take care of the kids that we are going to have soon.

What type of food do you specialize in, The Chef? Do you make pizzas? Any German food? I love pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, and traditional German dishes as well, but I'm even starting to get into healthier items these days, eating loads of chicken and fish, and once per week I have some veggies too. I needed some salad in my diet, because it was just too difficult to make, but it's worth the effort with the Slap-Chop that I recently purchased.

Also, I have realized that it is now time to start my own religion, called "The Church Faedari". Faedari is a fat-centric faith that promotes the enlightenment of mankind through the enheavyment of mankind. The central belief is that we must consume as much food as we can in this life, so that we can achieve better success in the next life, thus achieving the state of Faedonae.

The first step is to become Full, in the spiritual sense. After that, you will be able to rise up the weight ranks and reach the upper levels of spiritual achievement. It's all very exciting stuff, working on the great Holy Texts of Faedari. I'm friggin' excited about this.


Big Lard Ass

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear The Chef, and Others,

The Holy Texts of the Faedari are coming along quite nicely. So far, the Church has two members, Brenda and I, but I believe that soon we will have many more.

I think that a religion is the ONLY effective means that we can achieve Total Fat Acceptance (TFA), because religious groups are afforded great protections that regular fat people do not get. (Only like two states make fat discrimination illegal.)

So, I am going to retire from my job pretty soon, and then I will focus on my ministry with my fiancee, who I will of course marry. But for us to lead a respectable life as clergy persons, she will have to stop having sex with her boyfriends other than me, and this open relationship will have to become a closed relationship. Otherwise, I am fully prepared to never take another shower ever again until she yields to my wish that she be faithful to me. I mean business.

So far it is 100 pages long, it just comes to me in fits and starts, almost as though it were divinely inspired. I must be sure to finish the Holy Text before I have my heart surgery next week, because there is about a 3% chance that I will die, according to my surgeon. Teddy Bear will be happy to know that my surgeon is a Jewish doctor, although unfortunately he is rather skinny and athletic-looking, so I kind of worry that he might get hungry during surgery or something- I would much rather trust my life to a fellow fat man, or perhaps an SSBBW surgeon, if they exist..

Anyway, my friend is a lawyer and I'm going to have him look into getting my Church legally incorporated, and then I'm gonna start doing some recruiting and get this expansion going. All of our churches are going to have fast food restaurants, and also matchmaking events to help fat guys, skinny guys, fat women, BBWs, SSBBWs, and even normal or skinny or anorexic women get together. Our focus is towards becoming Full; this means feederism is strongly encouraged, and gainers are treated as role models.

The Pantheon of the Children of the Faedari is the name for the collection of individuals who have embraced gluttony and led proper lives. Babe Ruth. John Candy. President Taft (the greatest President in our nation's history). It is the Faedari equivalent of being a Saint.

I am very serious about this, and I hope that you all will start addressing me as Reverend Big Lard Ass from now on.


Rev. Big Lard Ass

Teddy Bear said...

Good morning Reverend Lard Ass.

YES! Excellent idea.

Let us make gluttony and obesity a religion. Then we will come under the same protections for religious freedom.

With all this talk about imposing a fat tax, well that would be discrimination for those of us who practice the religion of gluttony and obesity.

Our goal in life, our most divine goal is to achieve perfect plumpness. Roundness is perfection.

On of the reasons why I have always been interested in Astronomy is because the universe is huge! It is obese!

Planets and stars are great big round things. They are big and round and fat.

Look at the planet Jupiter. Because of it's rapid rotation, it's equatorial diameter is greater than it's polar diameter. It's noticeably bigger around the equator.

The sun is really huge and obese, and a few billion years from now, it will swell up to become a red giant, so in it's old age, the sun will become even bigger and fatter than it is now.

Take a look at galaxies. All galaxies are gluttons because each galaxy has a huge black hole in the center which gobble up matter.

Sometimes galaxies collide and merge together to become one big galaxy.

Of course not all galaxies are plump and round. some are skinny and irregular in shape.

But eventually more and more galaxies merge together to become giant elliptical galaxies. These ancient galaxies are big and round and plump containing mostly old red giant stars.

So, stars get bigger and fatter as they get older, and galaxies also get bigger and fatter as they get older.

The universe practices gluttony on a cosmic scale. All galaxies are gluttonous because of the large black hole each one has in the center.

The universe itself is also expanding, becoming bigger and fatter.

I take that as a sign from God that we must all engage in divine gluttony and expand our bodies to larger and larger proportions.

To become more big and round!

Roundness is divine perfection!

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Reverend Lard Ass.

Here is my version of the 10 Commandments.



I. Thou shall become as fat as one pleases. If you aren't nice and fat you can not be happy and contented.

II. Thou shall become massively obese, soft, flabby, and weak. It is more fun than being strong and athletic.

III. Thou shall wear clothes in bright happy colors and wild patterns. Style thy hair, take tranquilizers, stuff thyself, do anything thou can do not only make yourself look fatter, but do all thou can to actually become fatter, and fatter, and fatter, and fatter, and fatter . . .

IV. Thou shall eat all that you desire without feeling guilty. Eat drink and be merry!

V. Thou shall eat only fattening foods and reward oneself afterwords with dessert.

VI. Thou shall count calories and increase them accordingly to achieve one's goal in gaining weight.

VII. Thou shall weigh thyself daily. What the scale says is the most important thing. As the numbers go up, the more happy and
contented you will become. Also use talking scales that will announce thy weight for all the world to hear, and if you like what you hear, raise you chubby fist above thee and shout
out "YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Then smile contentedly to thyself and pat thyself on thy great big soft round belly!

VIII. Thou shall not deliberately lose weight. LOSING weight is EVIL - GAINING weight is GOOD, and it's FUN!!!

IX. Thou shall become super obese. You can never be too fat. The fatter the better!

X. Thou shall not stop gaining. Being fat and eating are signs of happiness and contentment which leads to success in gaining more weight and achieving thy goal, and even surpassing it!

I thought you might like to add these.

Fat Bastard said...

As Teddy knows and perhaps you know Reverend Big Lard Ass, The NEW fat acceptance movement has a strong spiritual side and we do indeed pay homage to the Belly God.

You can file for 501 C3 status and become tax exempt as a non profit. You can get a form here:,,id=96109,00.html

You won't need a lawyer.

Obesity is very spiritual. Teddy has pointed that out many times. This is particularly relevant because of the proposed fat tax. If we can make obesity a religion we can exempt ALL fat Americans from that immoral tax burden.

You Big Lard Ass would make a great pope for your religion.

I have recently written an article about the fat tax on my blog and and Proud FA wrote a great article on gaining. He's trying to get me back on my feed.

The god news is I am feeling good but the bad news is I lost 2 pounds last month. I think those phone sessions with CG Brady may have caused my weight loss but he claims that my weight loss is due to something those butchers did to me while I was in the hosptial. Proud FA agrees because he's the best encourager I know. His feeding dos and don'ts are must reading for every gainer. He plugged you blog and has encouraged all gainers to become familiar with your cutting edge work Teddy.


Rev. Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Teddy,

I like your ideas, but I have my own divinely inspired religious code. Part of it is called the Ten Ton Man Commandments.

I do not thing that obesity itself is a religion. What I am saying is that my religion, the Church of Faedari, is a fat-centric religion. In other words, not every fat person will get the benefits of my religion, they will have to join up officially in order to be considered members. Just being fat is not enough to progress to the higher levels of Fullness, believe it or not.

I would also like to point out that the Church of Faedari does accept members of all faiths, and they are allowed to keep going to synagogue or whatever if they would like to, and still be members of the Church. You can keep a Kosher diet and still get fat, and still achieve Fullness.

Now, regarding the astronomical parallels to human obesity, yes- this is inspired by the cosmos. Just as the universe is expanding, so too must we expand. It is part of the human mission. We cannot let ourselves stagnate and not gain weight, let alone lose weight.

We believe in this Church that weight-loss is a form of self-hatred. You hate yourself, and therefore, you subconsciously decide that there needs to be less of you, and therefore you consciously choose to try to lose weight. This is a low-grade form of suicide, spiritually, and perhaps even literally.

But if you love yourself, you want to increase yourself, to become greater and larger, so that there will be more of you. This is a form of self-love.

Jupiter is the fattest planet in our solar system, and it is the favored planet of the Church of Faedari. When Jupiter is visible without a telescope- that is considered an extremely sacred event by all Faedarians.

Anyway, I want you to consider joining my Church, Teddy. If you don't want to, that is still okay, because I know that you would still support me and my mission, and wish me well. You not only want me to get fatter, but also my new church!!


Rev. Big Lard Ass

Rev. Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Fat Bastard,

I like where you're going with this. However, bear in mind that I am not trying to make obesity a religion. I am trying to make the Church of Faedari a religion, a fat-centered religion that requires one to gain, or at least to be a feedee and help others gain. So, it is indirectly a way to gain exemption from any sort of fat tax, but it will only apply to fat people who actually join up officially.

The Church of Faedari does not have a pope - that would be disrespectful to the Catholic Church, which is led by the Pope. My religion is led by me, and me alone, and my formal long title is the Chairman of the International Directorate for Expanding Rotundity, CIDER is the acronym. The position lasts until death, at which point a new leader will be selected, and my spirit will displace the soul of that person's body so that that person will die, but I will then be reborn in his or her body, while taking on the person's personality, mannerisms, and memories. Its technical spiritual stuff.

Anyway, I hope that you and Proud FA will consider joining my new religion. You are exactly the kind of people we are looking for to make our ranks swell, and our swelling bodies smell rank. Oink oink! Oink oink! OINK OINK! OINK OINK!

EAT EAT EAT!! EAT! EAT! EAT! EATEATEATEATEAT!! Its a TREAT to EAT a TREAT while you sit on your SEAT and EAT a second TREAT and then a plate of MEAT.

Oh, by the way- Fat Bastard, I believe that you should check out the entire discography of the Fat Boys, the best rap group of all time. Their hits include "All You Can Eat", which is one of my all-time favorites. I play it to get myself psyched up for when I'm going to a buffet, one of my favorite hobbies.


Rev. Big Lard Ass

Brenda Lard Ass said...

Hello everyone,

This is Brenda, Mark's wife. Mark went in for heart surgery (angioplasty) on tuesday, but the doctors canceled the surgery because he was drunk. (He said that he needed it to be calm for the surgery.)

On Wednesday morning, I woke up and saw Mark and immediately knew that something was not right, because he looked like he was having severe trouble breathing and his lips were starting to turn a little bluish.

If he didn't have the heart shock thing he bought for like $5,000, he would be dead right now. The 911 operator walked me through everything because I was too panicky to do it on my own, but it turned out that the machine gives voice instructions anyway. He had a heart attack, and a very irregular heartbeat (but his heart did not stop beating) and he is still alive but in very serious condition at the hospital.

The doctors had to perform an emergency triple bypass, and he "died" twice during the operation but the doctors managed to save his life, but there was significant damage to his heart muscles and they said that he has a long road ahead of him, and his heart will never be as strong as it used to be, even if he starts to take care of himself.

At the hospital, before the original angioplasty he was supposed to have, he weighed in at 613 pounds, and according to the log book he kept of his weight, he had gained about 140 pounds since Thanksgiving, just about 2 months ago.

We also got married over the weekend, in Vegas, because he was worried that he was going to die in the surgery and my family is really happy that I am finally married.

So I am asking all of you to please keep Mark in your thoughts, as he is teetering on the edge between life and death, struggling and fighting just to stay alive. I am a heart attack survivor myself, but thankfully mine was very mild and did not require surgery.

He has told me that he is no longer sure that he wants to continue his path of gaining as much weight as he can, and that since we started dating, he now had a reason to live other than just food, and we cried together and I promised that I would help him to lose some of the excess weight so he can hopefully live to see our child grow up.

I am not completely sure whether Mark is the father of the child, but we are planning on having genetic testing done ASAP so that I can get another abortion if it is not Mark's baby. (I have had 3 abortions in the past 4 years, and one when I was a teenager that my father forced me to get because I was still in high school and was going to drop out.)

So I want all of you to keep Mark in your thoughts and prayers, and he is still serious about forming his new church, apparently, and we had our first service on Sunday in his garage with me, him, and six other people. I don't know if he is going to really lose the weight, or if he will keep gaining, or just be satisfied with what his weight is, but I worry that he has been dragging me into more unhealthy eating, as I have also gained a lot of weight since we started dating.

Love and kisses,

Brenda Lard Ass

Teddy Bear said...

Good morning Brenda Lard Ass.

Make sure your husband eats plenty of baked or broiled fish (not fried) especially oily fish like salmon, or sardines, or tuna.

Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids that is good for both the heart and the brain.

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to stir-fry vegetavles.

And he should have a 8 ounce glass of dry red wine twice each day. That would be good for his heart.

My thoughts and prayers are with him.

I wish you the best.

Teddy Bear

Brenda Lard Ass said...

Dear Teddy Bear,

It looks like you're the only one who really cares about Big Lard Ass, besides me, of course. Even his own brother won't talk to him, even when he was on his deathbed. Thankfully, he has made a significant comeback.

His doctors have been trying to talk him into a program that they say will save his life, and is his only chance. They want him to lose 50 lbs, and then have surgery to remove another 75 lbs, and then another to remove another 75 lbs, and then have a lap band surgery, and go to an in-patient facility for a few months to lose down to normal weight and learn new eating habits. The entire process would take about 18 months to 24 months.

He is actually considering this garbage, can you believe it!? I told him that he needs to man up, and that he shouldn't kid himself that he could lose all that weight. He is not going to live very long at his current weight, so he might as well go out in style and just eat as much as he can. In the weeks before his heart attack, he had been eating 8 ounces of butter twice per day, plus baked fish, plus lots of green beans smothered in some of the butter, and with white wine and olive oil mixed in, plus an entire pizza or lots of burgers- I make him these giant burgers with 12 ounces of meat, loads of bacon and cheese, mayo, an egg, lettuce, and home-made french fries as well. Then I make him an ice cream milkshake to go with it, and he is in hog heaven!

So, since I care about Mark, I want to see him happy, you know? Now that we are married, it is my duty to make him as happy as I can, by feeding him and fulfilling his sexual urges every day.

I think that he is in a bad state of mind, and that that is why he thinks he wants to lose weight. I am going to make sure that he keeps on gaining. I am his wife- that takes priority over the advice of doctors and other self-proclaimed "experts" on what is best for everyone else.

I am sick and tired of being told to check my blood sugar every two hours, and inject myself with insulin. That is no way for a human being to live. And besides, what if I get an infection from the needle and die? So I feel that it is better for my body to self-heal naturally, instead of using Big Pharma's insulin which just prolongs your diabetes and destroys your body's ability to self-heal so that you will always need the insulin.

In order to force Mark to gain weight, I am implementing the following policy- I will bring him fast food every single day while he is in recovery, and if he refuses to eat it, then I will not give him BJs anymore. This will get him to comply immediately, and give in to his lustful eating desires, and then he will become happy again and be back to his old healthy self again in no time.

Thanks for your concern Teddy, I will let you know how things progress- I'm hoping to get Big Lard Ass up to 1,000 pounds by the end of the year, and that means he will need to gain about a pound and change per day, which should be pretty doable with my fast food runs, which will be about 10,000 calories per day!

Love and kisses,

Mrs. Brenda Lard Ass

Curious Bystander said...

You people are sick. You are going to kill your husband, lady.

Teddy Bear said...

Curious Bystander said...

"You people are sick. You are going to kill your husband, lady."

Before you start passing judgment on us, may I suggest you check out some of the many web sites on the Internet like the Pro Ana or Pro Mia or Ana Mia web sites promoted my anorexics or bulimics.

Most anorexics die in their teen age years or in their 20s and few live beyond their 30s.

Yes, I have heard of a few anorexics who were in their 40s or 50s, but their eating disorders started much later in their lives.

But most anorexics die in their teens and 20s.

But I have seen gluttons in their old age. Anorexia will kill you much faster than gluttony.

Also anorexics are an unhappy miserable lot. The not only hate us fat people, but many of them hate themselves as well.

But we gluttons on the other hand, we are more happy and contented. We love to eat.

Anorexia use to be a rare disorder, but now-a-days it has become more common place among young people.

But gluttony has always been with us down through the centuries. It's more natural for people to desire food so it's more natural for some people to be gluttons.

I would much rather die of gluttony than to die from starvation, especially deliberate self-induced starvation as in anorexia.

I've been a glutton most of my life. I'm 58 years old and have never had any problems with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Yes, I'm obese, only 5 feet 6 inches tall and I weight about 400 pounds, and I'm perfectly happy and contented being a glutton. I love to eat. I enjoy my food free from guilt and I enjoy my life to the fullest.

If I die from gluttony, I'll at least die happy.

So, don't be so quick to pass judgment!

Anorexia kills much faster and sooner than gluttony.

Curious Bystander said...

Dude, I was not talking about you, I was talking about "Brenda Lard Ass", who is talking about how she wants to feed her husband fast food, over 10,000 calories per day, while he is recovering from HEART SURGERY, instead of supporting him to help him lose weight, which is what he WANTS TO DO.

I never said anything about anorexia. Your argument is irrelevant, because pointing to a more deadly eating disorder has nothing to do with what I am talking about. It's like saying that food addiction is less unhealthy than being obsessed with suicide. It has absolutely nothing to do with the wrongfulness of encouraging someone to gain weight when they want to lose weight. That is just wrong, unless the person is anorexic, which Big Lard Ass is the furthest thing from.

Don't you care about whether your friend dies? If so, you should encourage him to LOSE weight, not GAIN weight.

Also, I asked you a bunch of questions a few months ago, and you never answered them. You don't have to answer them, but it would have been nice if you had at least told me why you didn't want to.

Teddy Bear said...

In response to Curious Bystander.

Right now Big Lard Ass - AKA - Mark is going though a period of adjustment and uncertainty as to whether or not to lose weight, or to keep on gaining.

I would suggest that he does neither for the time being, but rather, maintain a stable weight, and eat healthier food choices

As I had suggested before, plenty of fish, not fried, but either baked or broiled, and to get more fresh fruit and vegetables, and start off with mild exercise during his recovery.

Also, I would strongly advise against having fat surgically removed, because the result would be a lot of loose hanging skin that would have to be surgically removed as well, and it leaves nasty and painful scars.

It's a good thing that he's not considering Gastric Bypass Surgery. The Lap Band is much safer and it's reversible, but it is also not without risk.

I have seen the result of what can go wrong during Gastric Bypass Surgery and the removal of excess skin.

I had seen some of the disastrous of weight lose surgery on The Discovery Health Channel or on TLC, The Learning Channel and it's not a pretty sight, the pain and suffering they go through afterwords is sometimes worse than the obesity itself.

Rapid weight loss is actually more dangerous than maintaining a stable weight. Any weight loss should be done slowly and gradually.

But as we all know, most of us fat people only end up gaining back more than we had lost in the first place.

Anyway, we have to respect whatever decision Mark comes to.

If he choose to lose a lot of weight he might discover that he won't feel any better.

I know from personal experience. In the past I have lost weight a few times only to discover that I become really depressed and suffer from anxiety. But then after gaining back the weight, I feel more contented, so I feel happier when I'm gaining weight and growing fatter.

If on the other hand, Mark decides to just keep on gaining and go out in a really big way, then we must respect that decision also.

I know, even if I were to have three heart attacks and a doctor warns me that I only had a few more months to live, well, I'm such a glutton, and I love food so much, I would probably ignore the warning and continue gaining, being faithful to my gluttony until the very end.

Then you can put on my tombstone . . .


Rev. Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Teddy,

Hello, and thank you for your support and concern during this, the most difficult period of my life. I am going through an unimaginable hell right now, and all I can do is just concentrate on survival. I am not one of those lucky people who can weigh 900 lbs and not have high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. I just can't. I guess it's because I am apple-shaped.

I am seriously considering divorcing Brenda, because one of my greatest fears has come true. Brenda is HIV positive. I have tested negative for HIV, and I will keep getting re-tested every couple weeks for the next month or two, just to be sure that I am really in the clear- and of course, I am not going to have unprotected sex with Brenda ever again.

Ever since Brenda found out that she was HIV positive, she took on a whole different attitude. At first she was hysterical and crying a lot, but then after this big health issue with me, she seemed to be calm and just wants me to gain more weight. I feel like she almost wants me to die, just because she has a terminal illness. I will continue to accept BJs from her though, as they do not carry much risk of giving me HIV.

I told her so many times that she could not keep having sex with strange men all of the time, but she would get furious and say that I am just like her father, etc. Well, now her chicken has come home to roost.

My company is downsizing due to the economy, and so I was offered a buyout package, which I have just accepted. It is four times my annual salary, and so, that is nearly a million dollars. With my life savings and house, I am easily more than a millionaire now. So at least I've got that going for me.

I have not been eating nearly as much as I used to, and it is a hellish nightmare for me. I cannot imagine living life without eating large pepperoni pizzas, etc, but maybe this is how I will have to live if I want to survive.. I think that my life is worth living, and I do not want to die without fulfilling my fantasies.

My ultimate fantasy is cross-dressing. It has been a secret part of my life since I was a teenager. It started out with me putting pillows under my shirt when I was alone at home, and then I would also stuff pillows in my sweatpants so that I could feel what it would be like to weigh an enormous amount of weight and have a huge belly, like I have now.


Rev. Big Lard Ass said...

I want to be an SSBBW lesbian, and yes, even consider having the surgery done so that I will officially be a real woman. If Brenda does not want to be my lesbian girlfriend, then oh well- it's a good thing we had a pre-nuptial agreement, that's all I can say. Because she is limited to a $25,000 payout, which I will happily do in order to get my life back from her, unless she supports me unconditionally.

I am going to grow my hair out, wear red lipstick, and a giant tube top, get my moobs enlarged into even bigger real boobs, get a vagina, and get on with my life. Maybe as a woman, it will be easier for me to find and meet quality women, as opposed to Brenda, who has sex for money, and is HIV positive. That's right- some of the guys she meets- she accepts money from them. So, I hope she decides to get the abortion.

I'm going to have my sperm frozen at a few fertility clinics before I have my sex change operation, that way I will be able to have children in the future. I have this all planned out- and I know now that life is too short to be filled with "what-ifs" and unfulfilled fantasies. I am going for it.

Thankfully, in Thailand there is almost no regulation about who can have a sex change, and so, I can just go there and have this done whenever I want. I will no longer be Mark, I will be... Marielle. And maybe even get down to just BBW weight, and then maybe even down to normal weight, and then all the men and women will be drooling over me, and wanting to have sex with my new mangina, and I can just be totally in my glory and maybe even break into the pornography industry!! That would be an exciting career change, from a former businessman to a hot porn star!

But first thing is first- I am going to need to continue my weight loss- I am losing about two to three pounds per day. Brenda came in with a huge bag of fast food, all of my favorites from McDonalds and KFC, and I just told her to leave, and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Anyway, I am still going to keep going with the Church of Faedari, and get divorced, and lose some weight, and make this sex change a reality, all within the next few months! I've got lots of income now to live my life the way I want to.


Rev. Big Lard Ass

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Reverend Lard Ass!

OK, if you are planning to lose some weight, then please, please, please, whatever you do, please don't lose the weight too rapidly!

Loosing at a rate of 2 to 3 pounds per day could cause some serious damage. It places stress on your kidneys and your liver. You really shouldn't attempt to lose more than 2 pounds per week.

Also, a slower weight loss, even though it take longer, is better in the long run.

But remember this:

Most of us fatties who lose a lot of weight, we usually end up gaining it back, and we usually gain back more than we had originally lost.

Only about 5% percent of us obese people have been able to keep the weight off. Most of us gain it back again.

It's know as the ol' Yo Yo Syndrome, and it's actually more damaging than staying fat.

People who go on one weight loss diet after another actually don't live as long a fat people who have never attempted to lose any weight in the first place.

Now if you're worried about your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it's been found that losing only 5 to 10% percent of your total body weight is enough to lower your blood pressure and and cholesterol and also improve your blood sugar levels. So you don't need to lose all of the extra weight.

Also consider this . . .

After losing all the weight that you indent to lose, you will have a lot of loose hanging skin to be surgically removed and that leaves a lot of nasty scars.

A sex change operation is actually less risky than bariatric surgery.

Also, you will be taking female hormones which may cause some weight gain on your hips, butt, and thighs, causing you to appear less apple-shaped and more pear-shaped.

Weight gain on the hips, butt and thighs is actually harmless compared to weight gain on the upper body.

Of course, having been apple-shaped most of your live you might not ever be totally pear-shaped, but only somewhat less apple-shaped.

But I think apple-shaped obese females are kind of awesome.

You remember my previous topic titled . . .


As you scroll down that topic you will see my drawing of the two obese couples, Mr and Mrs Pear, and Mr and Mrs Apple.

Now, just picture Mrs Apple wearing a pleated mini-skirt half-way down on her hips with her butt-crack exposed and her upper belly hanging down over the front of her mini-skirt showing off her bellybutton, and her love-handles much wider than her hips and starting to hang down over her hips, and her arms being much fatter than her legs.

Now that would look awesome.

When I live in Las Cruces New Mexico, I knew a young lady who looked like that, with a somewhat masculine kind of fat distribution.

She was a lesbian and some people use to call her a diesel-dyke.

She was awesome!

Continued below . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . continued from above

Yes, she was really Butch!

She looked almost like an obese apple-shaped male because of her masculine kind of fat distribution, but she had big breasts, and she wore her hair longs and she liked to wear short mini-skirts half-way down on her hips exposing her butt-crack, and her belly hung down over the front of her short skirt showing off her bellybutton.

So, we all know she was an apple-shaped lesbian female. But if she had cropped her hair short,and wore pants instead of a skirt, people would have though she was an obese apple-shaped male as depicted in some of my drawings.

Oh! Speaking of "padding" your clothes . . .

When I was a kid, I use to enjoy padding my pajama shirts and pants to look much fatter before going to bed.

Last year, I made my own fat-suit.

I got two king-size beige colored (flesh colored) bed sheets which I sewed together and I ordered a SIZE 8 XL pink T-shirt from a big man's catalogue, and I have a pair of SIZE 6 XL green shorts that stretch enough to wear when padded.

So when I pad my super size Apple Boy style fat-suit with lots of big fluffy pillows and thick blankets I measure 120 inches around my chest, 200 inches around my belly and only 90 inches around my hips. Some day I'm going to attach a pair of beige colored or flesh colored sleeves so that I'll have arms about 50 inches around, much bigger than my 36 inch thighs.

Yeah! I call it my Apple Boy suit!

When standing up, my love-handles hang down over my hips and my upper belly hangs down over the groin area and below my knees and I have a great big roll of lower-back-fat protruding out further than my butt.

When I sit down on the edge of my bed, my love-handles spread out on my bed, my big roll of lower-back-fat hangs down over my butt and down to the bed I'm sitting on covering my butt, and my belly hangs down to the floor protruding out about 4 feet in front of me and my love handles are 6 feet wide.

My SIZE 8XL shirt does not cover my belly, and my fat suit even has a bellybutton on it, so I look like a super super morbidly obese slob with my huge round belly down on the floor as I'm sitting on the edge of my bed and showing off my bellybutton.

I feel completely helpless siting there in my fat suit which I have on for about 6 hours while watching TV and smoking my pipe, and I take off my cap to show off my bald head.

Then a rock contently back and fourth singing to myself . . .

"I'm just a great big fat and lazy bald and ugly morbidly obese greedy diabetic glutton with heart disease and body odor" over and over again.

And then I breath heavily saying to myself, I'm a disgusting ugly obese glutton but I don't care, I just love to eat and sleep. Sometimes I pretend like I'm having chest pains while gasping for air, ans saying . . . .

"Well, this is what I deserve for being such an obese greedy diabetic glutton!"

Sometimes I even doze off, my head slumped forward on my chest and fall asleep while sitting up on the edge of my bed.

I can't lay on my back on my bed because of the great big roll of lower-back-fat!

I can't lay down on either side because of my super wide love-handles!

And I most certainly can't lay down on my stomach because of my huge round belly hanging down to the floor!

So, I have to sleep sitting up on the edge of my bed with my head slumped forward on my chest.

I would lie to go out on a Halloween night in my big fat Apple Boy suit, but it's too wide to get through my door.

And when I'm in my fat suit, I can;t even use my computer because my belly protrudes out 4 feet in front of me making it physically impossible to reach the keyboard.

So, while I'm in my fat suit, I just sit on the edge of my bed watching TV instead.

I love that feeling of helplessness when I'm in my big fat super-sized Apple Boy suit.

Good thing I live alone in my little studio apartment.

Rev. Lard Ass said...

Dear Theodore Bear,

(Is it okay if I call you Theodore Bear? I think that is a funnier name.)

Okay, well, if I lose weight at a rate of 2 lbs per week, then that will only be 100 lbs of weight per year. Then it would take me 4 years to lose 400 lbs. I need faster progress, like, I need to be able to achieve that in maybe 1 year, 2 years tops, if I am really going to do this that way.

On the other hand, my willpower is beginning to wane. I am beginning to realize that this would have to be a lifelong change for me, after a lifetime of horrendous eating habits. Do I continue the horrendous eating habits and die in a few months, or weeks- or do I make a massive change, and possibly die pretty quickly from body shock from losing too much weight too fast? It is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, dipped in lard and washed down with a vanilla milkshake, and a nice warm slice of cherry pie with vanilla ice cream on top, and some coffee, and a separate glass of milk. That's what it is.

Anyway, yeah, I would never consider the gastric bypass surgery, because it just seems to radical to me. But the lap-band also seems kind of scary as well, because it can slip out of place, and also it can cause other types of problems, and it is not just automatic weight loss- you can still re-gain all of your weight on it.

I am beginning to realize that maybe I should just continue to not eat the pizzas and garbage like that, eat healthy foods like I have been forcing myself to eat, but just eat more of them, and only sometimes eat nice treats like pie with ice cream, not an entire pie, and not an entire pizza pie. I have been eating baked cod and baked salmon and shift like that for the last few weeks, before the heart attack even, and it ain't so bad. I just make sure that I squeeze a LOT of lemon juice on them, put a lot of pepper on it, and use other seasonings to make it taste better. Do you have any recipe ideas other than lemon and pepper? I suck at cooking, even though I am a lard ass- everyone assumes that if you are fat you must know how to cook really well, but that is not necessarily true at all.

My vital signs are improving. I have been able to stay out of bed for longer and longer time periods each day, and I am working with my physical therapist. Brenda decided that she does not want to be with me either if I do not want to gain weight to reach 1,000 lbs anymore. Well, guess what? I don't want to die ASAP, and 1,000 is just a number. I feel like I am plenty fat already, so for now I am just satisfied with what I have achieved, and I do not need to gain more weight if it is making me unhealthy.


Rev. Lard Ass said...

I have been doing aerobic type exercises, and I really think it could help my heart repair itself maybe, or get stronger, even though it will be hard work. Maybe if I do this exercising stuff, stop taking anabolic steroids, and start eating large amounts of healthy foods, then maybe I will recover? I hope so.

I have started seeing a therapist about my marriage falling apart, and about me wanting to realize my dream of being an SSBBW. I am going to be an absolutely ferocious bull dyke, rampaging through other lesbians on a one-way trip to orgasmville.

I am going to wear a very skimpy bikini on the beach, and it will be glorious, and everyone will be looking at ME. And then I will see about breaking into the porn biz in L.A. That's my plan for right now, I think. Although- I will need a wig to look like a woman, because even if I grow my hair out, I have realized, my hairline is still receded enough that anyone would instantly know that I am a man, even if I wore lipstick and makeup and a dress.

Even though I am going to have a mangina- for some reason, I still feel incredibly masculine, and I still kind of want to be a Real Man, not a Girly Man. I dunno, like some kind of Amazonian warrior who can eat, fight, have sex with women, and sometimes men. Y'know, for procreation purposes, to keep the Amazon tribe going.

Anyway, you were saying that you like to stuff your shirt and pants and make a fat suit. That is so awesome! I thought I was the only person on the planet who did stuff like that!! I'm actually thinking of looking into having some kind of professionally made fat suit, like they had in the movie Shallow Hal, one of my favorite movies of all time. I totally think the SSBBW version is 100x hotter than the skinny version of the chick. Plus, Jack Black is a fat positive guy reppin' us chubsters.

When you smoke your pipe, do you smoke tobacco? How much? Should I switch from cigarettes to a pipe like you? I'm up to a pack a day of cigarettes now...

I love the idea of being so fat that I cannot sleep except on my belly. Actually, that is the way it is for me now- I get chest pains if I try to lay down on my back, because all of the weight is pressing down on my chest if I do that. It's different for us apple shaped guys- this is one of the less fun aspects. I used to always sleep on my back but I had to re-learn to sleep on my belly, otherwise it would be too hard to breathe and my sleep apnea would get really bad, and that can be almost as bad as heart disease, I've read.

I like sleeping on my belly now though, because my fat acts almost like an internal pillow, and it is the most comfortable sensation in the world, laying down on a pile of ME, the soft jelly-like squishyness making sleep come very easily, as long as I don't go to bed hungry, in which case it is impossible to sleep, almost.

The Church of the Faedari is coming along well, all of the members of my congregation (except Brenda) came to visit me today, and it was a big pick me up. We even held a Mess (our religious service, which involves food) right here, and it was pretty awesome. One of my young BBW female disciples seems to really like me, which- I've never had women compete for my affections before- Brenda, and now the new girl. But since Brenda is HIV positive, I'm thinking of going with the new girl.

Also- quick question- what should I be having for breakfasts, and what about my desserts? I'm having fish (not fried) every day for dinner.


Big Lard Ass

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Reverend Lard Ass.

Yes, you my call me Theodore Bear.

Also, since I love Astronomy, you can also call me Ursus Majorus which means, Great Bear.

Ursus is the Latin word for bear and Major or Majorus meaning great, so the Great Bear is also another name for the constellation commonly known as The Big Dipper.

I remember when I was a fat kid going to a public swimming pool, some of the other kids would tease me and call me The Big Dipper.

I just laughed it off, and actually thought it was kind of cool.

I'm so glad that you're recovering from your recent heart attack.

I hope you will be able to get your sex change operation.

As for me, I'm straight, but if I were either bi-sexual or gay, and apple-shaped instead of being pear-shaped, then I would love to be an apple-shaped ugly bull-dyke lesbo!

I would love if my arms were much bigger around than my legs, and my breasts twice as big around as my hips, and my belly more than three times as big around ad my hips.

Then I would wear a pleated mini-skirt halfway down on my hips exposing my butt-crack and my love-handles would be much wider than my hips and hanging down over my hips, and my huge round belly hanging down over the front of my mini-skirt showing off my bellybutton.

Of course, I would need a wig to cover my bald head.

Ah! But that would be fun! I would act really Butch!

That has always been a deep dark fantasy of mine.

I'm glad you're rating lots of fish. That is good for both your heart and your brain.

Guys who are apple-shaped should eat lots of fish.

I will do a Google search for some fish recipes later on.

Now about my super sized Apple Boy fat suit . . . . .

When I'm in my fat suit, as I'm standing up, my belly hangs down below my knees and when I sit on the edge of my bed, my belly hangs down to the floor. Also, my belly protrudes out about 4 feet in front of me.

So, it's impossible for me to lay down on my stomach.

I would have to sleep sitting up on the edge of my bed with my head slumped forward on my chest.

And as I had mentioned before, when I'm in my fat suit, I act like I'm helpless, pretending to have chest pains and breathing heavily, gasping for air, and crying out, I'M HUNGRY! I'M SO HUNGRY! I NEED FFFOOOOOD!!!

When I sit down, my love-handles are almost 6 feet wide spreading out on my bed.

Yes, when I smoke my pipe, I use tobacco. My favorite is a sweet Black Cavendish, and I also smoke cigars, and I like to sit there smoking my pipe or cigar while watching TV as I sit there helplessly in my fat suit.

One of these days, I'm going to get a long wig and a large size pleated mini-skirt and put on some lipstick and eye shadow and pretend than I'm a great big ugly super morbidly obese apple-shaped bull dyke lesbo!

Someday, I would like to go out on a Halloween night in my fat costume, but it is too wide to get through the door!

Anyway, I'm so glad you're recovering from your recent heart attack.

Theodore Bear

Fat Bastard said...

OMG, I cannot believe how much has transpired in the past few weeks. I know the good Rev was having chest pains but I fugured they were just gas, hiatal hernia or GERD. All us fat guys have that. Rev Big Lard Ass is one of those unfortunate apples like me who can't care enough ass fat.

I think he should become a lesbian to drop that high testosterone level we fat apples have and get some guy like Proud FA to pork his sexy BBW Brenda Lard Ass. Brenda is a great name for a fat girl. We have a Brenda who posts at Bigger Fatter Blog.

Teddy you are offering some top notch nutritional counseling to the good Reverend. We gluttons live to eat so if he decides to go out in a blaze of glory with Big Macs and fries of moderates his gluttony with salmon and cream sauce either way it is a glorious thing.

BTW My weight and appetite has stabilized and I am hovering at a respectable 345. I am boning more skinny chicks and I like walking around in malls to work up an appetite so I can take full advantage of the food court.

Bigger Fatter Blog has awarded Fat Actress Kirstie Alley the Gluttonous Celebrity Award. I know things are a bit topsy turvy with the Rev's latest cardiac event but it you get a chance please stop by and congratulate Ms Alley on winning this award.

Here's a heartfelt oink to the good Rev. ProudFA are on the phone right now. I woke him form a sound sleep to tell him the news. We will mention this on the blog.

Get well soon Rev!

Rev. Lard Ass said...

Dear Theodore "The Big Dippa, the Cow Tippa, the Pipe Smokah with a Pimp Cane ta Poke Ya" Bear,

I am 100% straight, just for the record. I do not want to have sex with other dudes. But I do like to have "gang bangs", although I have only gotten to do this three times in my life, all of them were with Brenda. I was kind of considering that to be "having sex with" the other guy only in the sense that we were having sex with the same girl at the same time, not that we were having sex with each other. But as a big fat bull dyke lesbian, I will be happy if I am also attractive to men, and I will be sure to flaunt and taunt all of my glorious curves, but my poonanner will remain a no fly zone for all penises, except dildos from my lesbian lovers, or if I meet a man who was born a woman and had a sex change, then that might pique my interest, and that would be totally hetero either way you look at it. But I think lesbians are cool.

My weight is stabilizing, thankfully, due to all of the fish that I have been eating. I can feel my brain growing, and I feel better and stronger each day. I think my body is self-healing, and that my arteries will clear out, my heart will regenerate, and I will be even stronger than before. That's just my hope though. Brenda offered to give me a blood transfusion, which was when we found out that she has HIV. Now it turns out that it has progressed all the way to AIDS, and she refuses to take any medication for it, saying that those medications are what kill AIDS people, not the HIV. Some bullshit like that. She is also one of those NAAFA types who believes that weight gain is actually healthy, so I'm not surprised that now she thinks HIV is harmless.

But the new girl I've been boning, from my Church, she is one of my acolytes. (That means I get to bone her.) She only weighs 155 lbs, but I really enjoy throwing my dick into a skinny chick. I'm starting to see what Fat Bastard means about skinny chicks being ideally made to be boned by us fatlings.

My divorce is also underway.

I hope that the next time you don your fat suit, you light up a nice relaxing cigar, pour a glass of red wine, and make a toast to me, and to fat men everywhere.

Also, I would like to hereby OFFICIALLY annoint you as an HONORARY APPLE SHAPED MORBIDLY OBESE MALE WITH TYPE TWO ADULT ONSET DIABETES AND SEVERE STAGE FIVE MALE PATTERN BALDNESS. This is in recognition for your outstanding work on the field of Obese Nutrition Science, as well as your groundbreaking (and ground-shaking) research on the sciences of Gastronomy & Astronomy. (Have you ever thought that maybe why you like astronomy so much is that it is so similarly spelled to gastronomy? Just a thought.)

By the way, is Jupiter your favorite planet in our solar system (not counting Earth.)? It has always been my absolute favorite planet, even including Earth. It is large and in charge! The king of the planets! (Just like Jupiter of the Roman gods, or the Greek ones- one or the other, I dunno.) Jupiter is so fat that it has moons that are bigger than Earth! And one, Europa, might even be able to support life, they say. Or maybe that was just an Arthur C. Clarke book I read.

Anyway, thanks for agreeing to look up some good recipes for me. I am hungrily awaiting the results. Okay, now it's time for my snack- some turkey sausage and turkey bacon, and a stein of beer.


Rev. Lard Ass

Rev. Lard Ass said...

Dear Fat Bastard,

I totally disagree about Proud FA boning Brenda, because she has AIDS. So, unless Proud FA has HIV, and the same strain as her, then I do not think it would be worth the risk of boning her even with a condom. But if he really wanted to, I could set it up and I'm sure Brenda would absolutely love it. But yeah- I don't care who bangs Brenda now, as long as they know in advance about her HIV status- which, my worry is that she will not tell the guys before they bone, and that somehow I could get in trouble for not warning her boyfriends. It is bullshit that I have to put up with all of her adultery, so I don't feel bad about taking on an acolyte who really wants to bone me, and who does not have HIV.

So, yeah, a lot has been happening in the last couple of weeks. My post-op checkup went very well, and I am recovering nicely and am resting in bed, and one of my neighbors is taking care of me and I'm paying for his groceries in exchange, because he lost his job and his family is kind of hurting these days. It only takes him like an hour a day total that he's in my house, but it is making a big difference.

I am able to empty my bedpan myself, which is nice. But the other day I dropped it, and my whole friggin house still reeks. It will reek for a week, due to the leak from my ass cheek. Word to yo' stomach.

Brenda got me all of the Fat Boys CDs as a get-well present, which I really liked. (They were hard-core food rappers. One of the members died at the age of just 28, he was a very apple shaped man and he supposedly weighed 450 lbs when he died. He was the most talented, in my opinion- and he was known as the Human Beatbox, because of the amazing sounds he could make that sounded like drums and stuff. The other Fat Boys- one was a pear shaped Black man, and the other was a not-really-that-obese Puerto Rican man named Prince Marky Dee. He currently hosts a radio show in Florida.)

Maybe me and you and Teddy should start our own group: The Morbidly Obeastie Boys. I'll be Marky Cheddar, Ted can be "The Big Dippa'", and you can be Ol' Fatty Bastard. Now THAT would be awesome! (Plus, since Teddy is not interested in sex, that would mean that there would be more sexy thinling groupies for you and me to bone!)

By the way, if you're ever in town, you should stop by my Church. There should hopefully be more loose women added to my congregation soon- it's amazing how easy it is to start a religion!!

I might even look into whether I can get a tax deduction for my Eating Ceremonies, since they are a critical part of my religion. This way, I would be able to binge eat tax-free, which would be pretty sweet.


Rev. Lard Ass

Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy Bear
Well, I've just discovered your blog and this study and I'm very surprised to learn that I'm in fact a hyper-endomorphic man.
My torso length is 32 inches and my leg length is 29 inches for 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

I'm not sure if I'm going in this category of shape so I can answer me if I'm wrong.

I understand now why I can gain easily without effort and why I can eat much more, more quickly and more easily that a lot of my friends who are thin.

Now, I don't fear to be always hungry and I won't have no more shame to become a fat piggy guy.

It's true I feel always better after stuffing my growing belly.

After reading you, I'm very determined to eat without restriction !

Dr. Rev. Big Lard Ass, DfE said...

Dear Everybody,

I am feeling so much better now! It is unbelievable, how much better I feel, and how fast I seem to be recovering. My doctors are surprised at how well I am doing, but they are concerned that I have gained back the weight that I had initially lost after the surgery. I have been regaining my weight by eating healthily 6 days per week, this means LOTS of fish, honestly, most of what I eat now is fish. Baked fish, grilled fish, lots of fish is basically what I am eating now. I am even staying away from fish sticks, because those are not healthy. And I am not eating fast food anymore, unless pizza counts, which I only eat on my off day, which is once per week.

On my off day, I go into an Eating Frenzy, plowing through two full pizzas all by myself, in one sitting. And then I top it off with a big plate of brownies and ice cream, and whole milk to wash it down, and then I sleep for about 8 hours, (after my normal 8 hours of sleep) and then I wake up and get some White Castle- 30 burgers but they are small, and then I have lots of french fries, then a case of beer, then I just watch TV the rest of the day. It's a good life.

On my normal days, I wake up and eat three cans of tuna fish with mayo on white bread. Then for lunch I will have some salmon, cod, or blackfish. For dinner, I sometimes have lobster and oysters, other times I have blackfish, whitefish, fluke, or flounder. I prefer lobster because of the butter dipping sauce, which I love.

Basically, I have resumed my upward weight trajectory, but this time I am doing it healthily, and so it will not give me another heart attack, I am hoping.

I have also booked a flight to Thailand, and have gotten in contact with a surgeon there who does male to female gender reassignments, and I think soon I will be a ferocious, manly bull dyke, with a vagina, fake boobs, but also a full beard, and male pattern baldness.

I have been exercising my right side of my body a LOT, and the muscles have been getting very unbalanced, my right arm is now noticeably larger than my left arm. It is 3 inches bigger, in fact. I have also gotten some dresses and skirts which I now wear around the house, and have just started wearing some out in public, just to see what the reaction would be, and so far it is very negative.

I spend about 30 hours a week now recruiting for my church, handing out flyers near the bus stop, then riding the bus and handing out flyers on the bus, then going to the next stop, etc. It works up a huge appetite, which allows me to eat a huge amount of fish.

Brenda is dropping weight like crazy, due to both her AIDS, and her complete refusal to take any insulin at all, or stop eating sugary foods and fast food all the time. She has told me that she has sores on her feet that have not healed, and that shit is nasty and gross. She says they are turning a bit blackish, and she wants me to come rub her feet, but I will not. I think she probably has gangrene or something and will end up losing her feet if she does not go to the doctor ASAP, but she refuses.

Anyway, that is the Dr. Rev. Big Lard Ass update, just wanted you all to know how I am doing. Oh yeah, and my new thinling who weighs 155 lbs and is 23 years old- she is working out pretty damn amazing. Gives me BJs every single day!! WOW!


Dr. Rev. Big Lard Ass

Mrs. Brenda Lard Ass said...

Dear Anti-Brenda People,

I am really pissed off that Mark has been telling you about my so-called medical conditions. It is not a big deal, and my body is self-healing as we speak. I guarantee you Mark will have another heart attack soon because his eating has once again gotten out of control, even though most days he does eat mostly fish.

Yes, my foot is numb, and yes there is a foul odor (more than normal) from my foot, but I have confidence that it is not anything bad, because I have a sixth sense about those kinds of things. This is just a minor skin irritation, nothing more. And besides, do I really want to go to those butchers who call themselves doctors and have them give me injections and charge me medical bills? No thanks! I'll just put some salves on it and it will be back to normal in no time at all.

I think that Mark is insane for wanting to get a sex change operation. That would make me a lesbian. Mark is a big fat piece of crap as far as I am concerned, and I think it is wrong for you to take his side in this. While I am rapidly losing weight, this is just proof of the FACT that the amount of food that I eat has nothing to do with how much I weigh. It seems like the more I eat, the more I lose!

And Mark's religion that he kicked me out of, it is a scam anyway. This 17 year old HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT is having sex with MY HUSBAND on a daily basis, and he believes her that she is 22, even though I checked her driver's license when she was in the bathroom, and the girl is a senior in high school. I called the police about this and unfortunately in my state, this is not illegal because she is of the age of consent, but BARELY.

He is giving her lies about how she is his "acolyte", and this just seems so wrong and abusive on so many levels. I want Mark to promise to only have sex with me from now on, and to not use a condom when he does it- I am his wife and this is his husbandly duty, in sickness and in health, so he MUST do this, no matter what the consequences are for him.

Please talk some sense into Mark, so that he does what I want him to do.

Mrs. Brenda Lard Ass

Rev. Lard Ass said...

Dear Brenda,

Now that our divorce has been completed, I'd like for you to stop harassing me on these blogs. You are clearly not what the New Fat Acceptance Movement is about, because you refuse to take your insulin, or your AIDS drugs. I'm not going to sleep with you no matter what, because I am not attracted to you, and also because I do not want to get AIDS.


Rev. Lard Ass

Fat Bastard said...

Dear Fatlings and other shapelings,

While it is good to be a selfish greedy glutton there comes a time when a man has to do what a man has to do. In light of my recent near death experience at the hands of a filthy and uncaring medical industry I have started another blog spot blog.

As most of the readers here know them medical industry is particularly cruel to thinlings as most health care workers are fatlings. Moreover, the health care industry is a threat to ALL Americans fat, thin or in between. Because of my ordeal and the tragic treatment Proud FA's mother received at a hospital. (That woman is a saint and a great baker.) I think it is time that we go after the health care industry and the NAZIs that run it. This year over 1 MILLION Americans will die as a result of medical errors and hospital acquired infections. It will cost the health care consumer well over 1 trillion dollars to fix those blunders. That one trillion dollars goes direct into the coffers of the health care industry. I am all for greed and gluttony but when it kills innocent people that is where I draw the line.

Please stop by my blog and say hello. I would ask that you keep your comments to issues of health care unless you want to post something about obesity and health care and how they blame us fatlings for the rising costs when in fact we cost the health care system less money because we die sooner. Fat lings are GOOD medical citizens. Gluttony is GOOD.... but only when it does not hurt others!



Rev. Lard Ass said...

Hello Fellow Fat Asses,

I read about an absolutely gorgeous SSBBW named Donna Simpson, who goes by the name "Treasure" on the super sized bombshells website. She weighs almost 700 lbs, which is pretty darn impressive- frankly, the idea of a woman weighing more than I do is a huge turn on. Anyway, she wishes to weigh 1,000 lbs, which is also my goal. She has been lambasted and harpooned by the Big Anti-Fat Media (BAFM) for insisting that she has the right to do what she wants.

I believe in pro-choice obesity. In fact, I am in favor of forcing others to become obese against their will, because it is better for them, the economy, and humanity in the long run. Life expectancies are too high, we need a counteracting force, obesity, to keep things under control. Also, a fat society is a crime-free society. I attribute the decline of violent crime in this country to the rise of non-violent hyper morbid obesity in this country.

Anyway, Donna Simpson needs our love and support. And she also needs a box of donuts, stat. She is kind of like the woman version of me sometimes, because she has a huge belly. She is apple shaped, which is very nice.

My acolyte weighs under 100 lbs, and satisfies my every sexual urge and desire. My backup acolyte, a new girl, is my latest project. I am feeding her and she has gained 20 lbs in the last month, and now weighs 140 lbs. I am going to get her to 200 lbs by the middle of the year, and up to 300 lbs by the end of the year. I am not having any kind of sex with her because she is not ready for it yet, even though she is of legal age, barely. She is going to be my fat acolyte, so I will have a skinny one and a fat one.

My ex-wife has lost a tremendous amount of weight due to her untreated type one diabetes, and her advanced AIDS. She still has sex with random dudes, and when I find out about it I tell them to get tested, and actually two weeks ago, it turns out she infected this 19 year old guy she'd hooked up with a bunch of times. He's suicidal now, and I just keep thinking that that could have been me in that situation, so I'm just really glad that I am not infected.

Anyway, let's all show some support for Donna Simpson. Maybe even write an article in your blog to show our support. This goes for Bigger Fatter Blog as well.


Rev. Lard Ass, aka Kim Lard-Ass-ian

P.S. I do not think I am gonna have a sex change after all. I want and need my penis and balls. So, I think for me the right answer is just aggressive cross-dressing, and I now wear women's clothing almost exclusively.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this blog and haven't been able to stop reading it!!!

Teddy Bear -
"I'm just a great big fat and lazy bald and ugly morbidly obese greedy diabetic glutton with heart disease and body odor" over and over again.

And then I breath heavily saying to myself, I'm a disgusting ugly obese glutton but I don't care, I just love to eat and sleep. Sometimes I pretend like I'm having chest pains while gasping for air, ans saying . . . .

"Well, this is what I deserve for being such an obese greedy diabetic glutton!"

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this/thinks like that! It turns me on so much XD!

Teddy Bear said...

Anonymous said...

"I just stumbled across this blog and haven't been able to stop reading it!!!

'I'm just a great big fat and lazy bald and ugly morbidly obese greedy diabetic glutton with heart disease and body odor' over and over again.'

And then I breath heavily saying to myself, I'm a disgusting ugly obese glutton but I don't care, I just love to eat and sleep. Sometimes I pretend like I'm having chest pains while gasping for air, and saying . . . .

'Well, this is what I deserve for being such an obese greedy diabetic glutton!'

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this/thinks like that! It turns me on so much XD! End Quote:

Good evening Anonymous!

Sorry didn't respond sooner, I've been rather busy.

Anyway . . .

Thank you for your comment.

Let me ask: Are you pear-shaped or apple-shaped, having big fat arms, great big fat man-boobs, a huge round protruding belly, a small butt, and skinny legs?

Also: are you actually bald on top of your head?

If so, a bald head is your pride and joy!

If not: you should shave the top of your scalp, and apply a defoliant to keep the hair from growing back. But, only on the top of your scalp. Leave the hair on the sides and back so that it looks like typical male pattern baldness.

Wear T-shirts with horizontal stripes to make your upper-body look broader, and make sure your shirt is not long enough to cover your bellybutton!

Wear loose-fitting plaid shorts less than knee-length, either light blue or light grey, and wear your shorts down low on your hips to expose some butt-crack!

Just let your belly hang down over the front of your shorts so that only the legs of your shorts appear below your belly.

Then, stand in front of a full length mirror with your skinny legs and knobby knees wide apart.

Pat yourself on your great big round belly, and say over and over again:

"I have diabetes! I have diabetes! I have diabetes!"

Yeah! It's a lot more fun to be apple-shaped instead of pear-shaped.

You won't live as long. But, you will have a lot more fun!