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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only We Have The Right Attitude!

Here at THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG, we are the only people in the entire world who have the right attitude toward life.

The image above sums up our philosophy and what we are all about. We believe that life should be lived to the fullest, and by that, we mean, with a full belly.

We do not believe in dieting or exercise. Humans beings are the only creatures on this planet who deny themselves food to deliberately lose weight. To us here at The Biggest Fattest Blog, we see that as a perversion. It us un-natural to starve yourself and to want to lose weight.

Living things grow, including us humans. Growth is natural. Who wants to get smaller? We don't! We want to keep on growing bigger and fatter. We seek a life of continuous growth. We don't believe in losing weight. We don't believe in getting smaller. So, we don't believe in diet and exercise. Diets make us hungrier and exercise makes us tired and causes discomfort. We believe only in eating, sleeping, relaxing, and growing fatter and fatter. We believe in laziness, living a sedentary life-style, and we believe in gluttony, and growing fatter. The bigger, the better.

We also seek comfort and fulfillment. We avoid anything that causes us pain or discomfort, hence, we don't like to exercise because it is too much hard work. We prefer to kick back and relax. We hate hunger, so we love to eat whatever we feel like eating, and as much as we feel like eating. The only good thing about hunger is that it gives us the appetite to eat, and we love to eat to get rid of hunger, or stave it off until in comes around again, telling us that it's time to eat again.

But we also love to eat even when we are not hungry, and we love to sleep, even when we don't feel sleepy. Why? Because it feels good to lay down, and food tastes so good that we like to eat even when we are not hungry. We eat for the pleasure of eating. We don't eat to live, we live to eat!

We also love being fat! Actually, we love being, not merely fat, but absolutely OBESE, super super OBESE! For us, size is what counts. The bigger we get, the happier we feel. I know I love stepping into a room full of people and being the largest person in the room. At 5 ft 6 in and 400 pounds, the odds are pretty good that if I'm in a room with about 50 people in it, I will probably be the largest person there. Not the tallest, but the heaviest. I love looking up to people who are much taller than I am, and knowing that I weigh at least twice as much as they do. I love that feeling. It feels so good!

But when I see someone who is larger, and fatter than I am, I feel envious, but I also feel inspired to eat even more, to become fatter than the person I had just encountered. I love being a large person, and I want to keep on growing larger and larger, because the fatter I get, the more happy and contented I feel. I want to get really HUGE!!!

I also believe that premature male-pattern baldness is really cool. I was only 25 when my hair started thinning out on top of my head, and I became completely bald on top by the age of 28 with just a fringe of hair on the back and sides. I was disappointed, because I wished that it had happened during my teen age years, to become bald on top of my head by the age of 17, because it would have made me look old enough to go into any liquor store to purchase beer, and I would not have been asked to show an ID card to prove I was old enough to drink. Having a bald head, even with a fat round baby face, would have made me look older that 21, the legal drinking age in the USA. So, I believe that during your teen age years, that is the best time to go bald. It makes you look old enough to buy liquor, and you can get a really good head start on growing that great big beer belly of yours, before being an adult. By then you would have a really huge belly.

So, we love to eat and sleep, and we hate exercise, because exercising feels very uncomfortable and it can even be painful. Therefore, we avoid exercise because we like to avoid pain and discomfort.

Of course, we are really proud of our huge ever growing bodies, and so, we love to go out in public so other people can stare at us, to look upon us and wonder. Sometimes we do like to go out walking around town, or in a shopping mall, or a walk in the park. But NOT for exercise, but so that other people out there can see us, and stare at us, and make comments behind our backs. We like to be noticed.

I prefer walking in parks or malls because there are plenty of benches to sit on. I can walk a little distance, then sit down and rest for a few minutes, and then get up off my lazy fat ass and walk a little bit more, and sit down and rest again, etc. etc.

But as I have said, we get out to walk around, NOT for the exercise, but only so we can publicly display ourselves. And if I should ever get up to 700 pounds or more, then I will require a wheelchair to get around. I would like one of those bright red electric scooters, and I would install a radio and a CD player, and have fun getting around, being too fat to walk, having to use an electric scooter, and publicly display myself so other people can see how huge I have become.

So, sometimes involuntary exercise is inevitable. We have to rise up from our bed in the mornings and walk into the bathroom. Through-out the day, we have to rise up from the living-room couch and walk into the kitchen to get some food, and then walk back into the living-room couch again. And of course, to get out into public places to proudly show off our huge ever-growing bodies, that involves some walking. In those cases, some exercise is unavoidable. Otherwise, the only exercise we actually like doing, really enjoy doing, is to raise the fork to our mouths, and chewing our food, and swallowing it. That is the only exercise we like doing!

In the meantime, for those who are still able to walk, despite their enormous obesity, one could use a device to carry one's huge belly around.

And so, if you have a really huge round belly that hangs down below your knees, then to make it easier to go out walking, and to proudly displaying yourself in public, then, there is an alternative, as depicted in the next image below.

Now, this is what we strive to achieve! This is what every happy obese glutton would like to accomplish, to have the biggest belly that can hold the most food.

Again I emphasize, THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG is not just another "Size Acceptance" web site or blog, it is an Obesity Loving blog. We don't merely accept being fat. We love being OBESE! Super super obese! And we want to become even more obese!!!

Obesity is fun! It feels good, being all soft and jiggly all over, and the food tastes good, and feels good when eating it, and sleeping feels so comfortable. Therefore, we only want to eat and sleep, and grow fatter and fatter.

Why? Because it feels good, and we like growing bigger and bigger, and becoming bigger than everybody else around us.

We are not nuts, or crazy or anything like that. We are perfectly sane!

It's because we love life! We love all the pleasures that life has to offer while avoiding anything that causes pain or discomfort. So, we love to eat and sleep, watch TV and movies, listen to music, read books, and I like to work on oil paintings, and someday get back to building radio controlled flying model planes.

I hate sports. Any idiot can chase a ball. When I'm working on oil paintings, or building models, I can accomplish far more while sitting on my lazy fat ass than some dumb jock chasing balls. I prefer the more sedentary type of activities, like reading books, watching TV, and listening to music, or just sitting on my great big lazy fat ass in front of my computer, working on web logs, such as this one.

And when I'm relaxing and eating, I can grow much larger, much faster, than some muscle-bound jock pumping iron or lifting weights and shooting up on steroids. It's much easier to grow fat, than it is to build up larger muscles. Also we fat people can become much larger than any muscle-man. If you're a big strong muscle-man, there is an upper limit to how big your muscles can become. An upper limit to how big your body can get.

But if you're a lazy glutton, then you don't have to pump iron or lift weights to become larger. You only have to eat and sleep and sit on your lazy fat ass all day. A big strong muscle-man can only get so big, and no bigger. But we soft and weak, gentle and docile, sissified obese little cream-puffs, we can become really HUGE!!!

For those of us who are more pear-shaped, next image below shows us what we all should strive to achieve. To become really really HUGE! To be huge and happy!

And for you guys who are apple-shaped, this is what all you guys should strive to achieve as depicted in the final image below.

Now this looks like fun! Gaining weight, losing hair, and losing your shorts! Having an expanding waistline and a receding hairline!

Damn! You apple-shaped guys have more fun!


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