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Friday, October 31, 2008



This is THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG, on the internet. First came NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, which I thought was very good at the time, because I have always believed that one should learn to accept oneself. Then on the Internet came Size Wise, and then, The Big Fat Blog, which was also about size acceptance.

But for some of us, mere size acceptance is NOT good enough. How about loving your size and weight! How about wanting to gain even more weight, to keep on growing fatter and fatter!

Well, the problem is, associations like NAAFA or Size Wise, or the Big Fat Blog, are not willing to go to that extreme, to be willing to accept outright gluttony and deliberate weight gain.

So, after the Big Fat Blog, came BIGGER FATTER BLOG which goes way beyond mere size acceptance and endorses feederism and gluttony, and deliberate weight gain!

And now, the BIGGER FATTER BLOG has inspired me to come out with my very own blog which also endorses gluttony, and deliberate weight gain to achieve total immobility.

My blog is about achieving PERFECT OBESITY. For men, that would be the perfect Apple-Shape and for women, the perfect Pear-Shape. Of course, there are some men who are also pear-shaped, but most men are apple-shaped.

PERFECT OBESITY also means, being unable to wipe your own butt or bathing yourself and needing assistance from another person to help you with your personal hygiene.

But most of all, PERFECT OBESITY, means total immobility.

And so, my blog is anti-exercise, and endorses totally gluttony and laziness.

To this end, I have created my very own blog.



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Proud FA said...

Welcome to the fatosphere Teddy! What a wonderful blog this is. I am so happy that Fat Bastard and I at BiggerFatterBlog have inspired you to get involved in this wonderful cause of fat liberation.

Guilt is a horrible thing and feeling guilty about foot the thing that sustains us and brings so much joy is something we need to vanquish.

We too were inspired by fat acceptance pioneers like Jennifer Portnick, our Joan of Arc, the illustrious Ms Wann, the grandaddy of Fat Acceptance, Bill Fabrey, the godfather of feederism, Conrad Blickenstorfer. There are many heroes... Too many to mention BUT You Teddy Bear Represent the next wave in this good and noble cause.

Fatter Bastard and I had a sharp break with the old fat acceptance because it has become a bit schizophrenic and seems to exclude the vast majority of fat people. We do not discriminate. We welcome folks of every religion, race and political stripe. We do however do not mix causes. We are against fat feminism because we believe the two movements are not compatible. As an example Susan Powter is a vitriolic feminist and an avid fat hater as is MeMe Roth. That just spells trouble for fat acceptance. There has already been too much in fighting and back biting.

Like you Teddy, Fat Bastard and I are offering America and the world positive and inclusive fat acceptance. The three of us along with our growing numbers share the same clear vision of positive and inclusive obesity and gluttony promotion. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know. May the Belly God bless you as you gain and gain and gain.

Fat Bastard said...

I love the artwork. Could you morph some BBWs into SSBBWs and then into SSSSSSSBBW's. That would be hot.

I would love to see Sarah Palin pumped up.

You are so right. It clearly is about guilt. That is why I think the hens on current FA are so wacko at times. They have not dealt with their guilt. That is why they are so darn negative.

Balltungo said...

YOU ARE A GENIUS! You need to get this blog on the fat feed.

Freedom from guilt is the key to the whole thing. Guilt is why the Kate Harding, NAAFA, and Big Fat Blog crowd are so hostile.

Teddy Bear said...

Thank you guys very much! I'm looking forward to seeing more comments posted here.

You blog, the Bigger Fatter Blog is an inspiration to me, which I why I created my Biggest Fattest Blog.

Once again, thank you.

Proud FA said...

Your work just gets better and better and better.